Beachwaver Hair Subscription Offer!!

Beachwaver Hair Subscription Offer!!

How many times a week do you wash your hair? I wash mine at lest 2 times! Sunday and Thursday nights for sure! More if I get it wet in the boat or pool! I also rotate using my purple and my reparative shampoo and conditioner with each wash!! Which means I go through a lot of it with all of my hair. Then of-course Raymond uses my good stuff when he is home. If you are anything like me these days I try and order as much online or for pick up as I can! I also tend to forget to reorder things before they are almost out!

Well Beachwaver has made it even easier to get your shampoos and conditioners!! You can sign up for their subscribe and save boxes, Just Click HERE!

There is three awesome sets to choose from!

  • STAY STRONG REPARATIVE KIT(3 pieces) – Normal $88 – Kit $58

I have all three and I love them!!! Oh and they now have a 2oz bottle of spray hand sanitizer that can be added to your box!!

Need some reasons why you should try their box?

  • It’s ships right to your door for FREE!! Y
  • ou get 35% off the box set!
  • Select your delivery Frequency, every 1, 2, or 3 months.
  • Pause, cancel or adjust anytime!
  • And you can save an extra 10% with code: KendraWave. You only have to enter it when you sign up! After that it’s already there for the next month!!

Be on the look out soon for add ons of their other hair care products!! You all know I love their Dry Shampoo and heat protection hair spray!

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