I’m still here I promise!!

I’m still here I promise!!

Y’all I’m alive I promise!! I know it’s almost JUNE and I’m making my first post of the year! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ Y’all 2021 has been a busy crazy year so far. Can you believe that we are already half way through it. So let’s recap what’s happened!

So we finished the camp enough to actual use it and we LOVE IT! We still have finishing work to do on the inside and by that I mean trim molding and a real door to the bathroom lol. But we have made multiple weekend trips to the sandbar on it! Why didn’t we do this years ago we’ll never know! We didn’t get it to the hunting lease this past season but it will be there this year!!

But speaking of hunting season! Y’all I got Raymond in a stand and he loved it!! He actually was the only one of us to kill this year! He got two doe. I’m so very proud of him! Connor ever made a few hunts with us and did very well! I on the other hand only killed time! But that’s okay. Raymond got the fever and that’s all that counts right! Y’all I could really sit in that stand all day and just enjoy the beauty this is our state and God’s amazing handy work!!

I never even got around to writing the meet our new family member post. Well y’all after we lost Lucy in August of 2020 we had a very big hole in our hearts and in our home. October 4 we got our newest baby Josie! She is a Goldendoodle. Y’all this sweet girl has brought so much joy to us and cost us a whole lot of money and stress. Y’all at the very beginning of December she eat the berry peaks off of my Christmas tree and had to have emergency surgery to have the metal removed from her tummy. Then a week later ended up back having to the vet because she had an infection from the stitches. Y’all I can’t make this stuff up! But she is the goofiest, sweetest, loving dog ever! Her and Connor’s bond is just magic!!

We had a great Christmas and New Years. One of my beautiful nieces got married!! Mardi Gras of course SUCKED. I will never take ride day for granted ever again, but now I’m so ready for Ride Day 2022!! Easter was beautiful!! Perfect weather and I even did the reading at our outdoor service which is a BIG deal for me. It may come as a big surprise but I get super nerves talking in front of big crowds. I know right me who can talk for days lol. We celebrated our 13th Wedding anniversary!! Mother’s Day was spent at the Sandbar camping out in our camp from Thursday to Monday!! Connor finished PreK2!! He is now Potty Trained!!! Y’all it only took us a year to get him to finally use the potty and not be freaked out by it!! Summer began with a yet another Trip to the sandbar for Memorial Day!! Connor started play Wee Tee Ball and he loves it! Myself and Raymond have both went to the dark side and joined TikTok. Yes and y’all Raymond is killing it with the camp stuff on his feed! Me I just have fun with it!!

Now we are here in June with only half the year left!!! It really doesn’t feel like it yet. I

But I would have to say my favorite thing of 2021 so far besides all of the family time we have been having has to be the work I’ve been putting into my Instagram. I recently became an ambassador for TWO more company’s that I personal shop with and LOVE: LiquidIV; 25% off and free shipping with code: MAMAOFONE, VintageBoHo bags; 10% off with code: SOUTHERNMAMA10. I have hosted several giftaways with some amazing friends on IG and ever my first Beachwaver giveaway! I love the friendships I have made and the support from my followers so much. It really brightens my day when I get to share something that makes another mom or woman feel like they can do it too. Plus saving y’all some money is always a win!

So here’s to me doing better at updating y’all on all the sales and how our life is going!! There is a few things coming up soon that I know y’all will love. Until then here is a few photos from the last 6 months!!