Raymond’s Page

Hey everyone Kendra was nice enough to give me my own page on her blog for you to find all the links to my pages and other links to help you guys out!! A little about myself. I’m a tugboat caption. We like to spend as much time as we can on our family camp at the sandbar (I built it myself in 2020). I enjoy cooking and one day wish to have my own food truck or restaurant. I do all of my own work on our vehicles.

If you are wishing to work with me you can e-mail me at fr226011@gmail.com or you can check out Kendra’s Media Page to find the prices for collaborations.

TikTok – @capt_t_ray 138.9k follower Back up account – @tugboat_t_ray

Instagram – @capt_t_ray

Cubic Mini Woodstoves – this is an affiliate link. We get paid a small commission when you shop this link.

Kendra’s amazon store front – where to find things we have brought or been given for the camp.

Amazon Wish list – camp wish list

Candy Cottage – my mom’s candy store – hand made sold pecan logs and more –