2021 is over

2021 is over

Is anyone else excited that 2021 is almost over? I know I am. This past year was a crazy one. I know for a lot of people it was a year of lose and uncertainty. For our family it was a good year. We were and still are very blessed. We put our trust in God and what he wanted us to do.

The year started with the scare of covid still being big thing. Potty training both Connor and Josie (our dog) was not fun and I do not recommended it hahaha. It was the year without a Mardi Gras; which was so hard for me and my Mardi Gras loving heart. Spring was just amazing we finally had beautiful weather. Then the crazy school year that was centered around covid came to an end.

Raymond and I both got a TikTok and y’all that went from just something fun to Raymond going viral with a video of our camp! I am still working hard and loving my Instagram and blog. I got to meet up with some of the amazing women I’ve befriended from this journey. The love and support I get and give back to these ladies have really showed me that you don’t have to know them in your daily life to have great friends.

Our summer was spent on the water: in the pool or at the sand bar, Connor played T-Ball for the first time. And just plan family fun!

My niece moved in with us just days before school started. We had to hurry and get her moved and moved schools. Connor started his 3rd year of school. Then we had a major hurricane hit 30 miles east of us that caused so much damage. I worked my butt off for like 3 weeks with extra hours and stress. Connor turned 4 during all the busy hours at work.

We had trick or treating which was so much this year. Then one last weekend trip to the sandbar before being our camp to the hunting lease. Every weekend raymond was home was spent at the lease hunting and fishing. Connor learned how to shoot his BB Gun web Josie decided to dye herself the color of marsh mud for the weekends!!

Christmas this year was spent just the 4 of us at the camp!! Y’all Santa even stoped by to drop off some of Connor’s gifts. It was so nice to just relax and not stress or worry about anything for the holiday. I’m sure this will not be our last major holiday spent on our camp.

Now that this year is at its end I’m looking forward to even more amazing family memories together. Mardi Gras is on for 2022 and I can’t wait to be back. I’m still going to be working on growing my Instagram and blog. Raymond is still loving being a tug boat caption and using his TikTok to showcase all of the things he loves to do.

We can make all the plans we want for 2022 but the only plans that matter or the ones God has for us and our family. We want to wish you and your family a very Happy New Year and blessing to come!! We love and support y’all!!