These Jeans are a MUST Have

These Jeans are a MUST Have

Today on my Instagram I shared the last of my Shop the Mint haul and I didn’t realize I had saved the best for last but yall I did. These flared jeans and flowie tops are sooo good! Yall these jeans are so good! I love the fit of them and how flatting they are on!! I really feel like I was alive in the 70s and was a total Janis Joplin! I’m total here for them!! Its the same jeans in all three looks! I will say they are very longs in the legs. I’m wearing some really high platform heels with these. I’ll add the link to some that are similar to the ones I have on.

These are the same Top Moda shoe but a didn’t style – mine look very similar to these!!

You can shop all these through the links that are highlighted or through my page!!

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Shop The Mint Fall Styles

Shop The Mint Fall Styles

I love when you can take a great Tee and style it in many different ways! I’m loving this whole Fall order I made. I’m trying to space out the try-ons and these post so that you guys don’t feel like I’m pushing it all in your face at one time!! My favorite Fall (anytime of year if I’m telling you the truth) is a great T-Shirt and Jeans combo!!!

I finally jumped on the bandwagon and got me a pair of the Spanx Faux Leather Leggings and yall they are that GOOD!! Yall these things are so comfy and so cute! I was honestly shocked how much I love them! I really don’t know why I waited so long to get them. I got mine during the Norstrom sale but I would total pay full price for them again!!! They are sold out there but I’m sure once the sale is done they will be back in stock!! The Nordstrom sale comes around once a year so if you are wanting to get them on sale you will have to wait until them. I wish I would have gotten the Petite. I sized up to the Small!! I can’t wait to style these a few different ways!!! Who wants to see a blog post on just these leggings and ways to style them?

You can always shop these looks by clicking on the links are through the Free app!!!

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Shop the Mint T-Shirt Dress

Shop the Mint T-Shirt Dress

Yall know I LOVE a good comfy T-shirt dress!! And these from The Mint Julep Boutique are so amazing. Both are super soft and very affordable! Pair them with a jacket and booties, you’ll have the perfect Fall look!! I love at these are pieces that I can keep for YEARS to come. T-Shirt dress are always in style through out the year!!!

Lean On Me Wine Red T-Shirt Dress – Small – $20.00 – 7 colors to choose from.

Jacket is an old one I had in my closet but you can’t go wrong any style denim!! This one is Mudd and came from Kohls I believe.

I also linked both of these styles on my There you can find links to the booties and denim jacket!

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Pre – Orders are LIVE now for the first ever, limited edition PINK SUNSET B Series Beachwaver!!!! Only $89 plus get 20% off when you pre-order!!!  Save an EXTRA 10% with my code: KendraWave 💓 Just click here to grab yours now!!!

This limited quantity, gorgeous design will ship 9/14 so grabs your now ✨ The Beachwaver® B1 Pink Sunset is the debut rotating curling iron of the new B-Series collection! The B-Series collection is designed to include the core functions of the classic Beachwaver S-Series.

There are two arrow buttons designed for ease, simple left/right speed rotation will make curling a breeze, which creates a lightweight design!

One button design for power and temperature setting.

Low: 290° F (150° C)
Medium: 350°F (180°C)
High: 410° F (210° C)

The limited edition iron also has a custom ombré design inspired by our Make Waves haircare collection! This is just the first design of many new limited editions to come!

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Camp Week 3

Camp Week 3

I know I am very late with week 3— and by very late Im doing this blog while Raymond is at the bayou working on Week 4! See I told y’all I’m late.

Friday July 17

Lowes trip to pick up, you guessed it, more wood! We got 80 – 2x4s, 4 – 2x6s, 8 – 2x4x16 , 4 regular and 4 treaded. We also got two sliding windows!!


We hooked up our window AC units in the garage so it can start to cool off for all the work Raymond had to do in there.


All the real works begins!!! Started with the side walls by laying out the bottom treated 2×4 and the top regular 16’ 2×4 and marking all the studs 16” on centers. Then making the ends with 3 2x4s and also making sure the outside part of the wall would have a stud to fall out every 4 foot on center for plywood sheeting. Started placing the studs into the marks and screwing them in, then had to frame up for the window using the 2×6 pieces doubled up with 3/8 plywood in between them to make the header for the windows.  Raymond built the walls stacked on top of each other since they are identical 16 foot long it made making everything straight and square very easy. Then for the front and back walls he did the same thing except he framed out the back wall for the window unit air conditioning up higher than the side windows but framed the same way with room to grow if the ac isn’t big enough. The front wall was identical to the back wall except for the door frame. He used some treated 4x4s and 4×6 he had left over to make one strong door casing so when the metal door is installed nobody will be able to brake in. The windows are not big enough for anybody to crawl thru.  He was so happy to have a cool place to work.


Raymond got 24 foot trailer and got some help to load the walls onto the trailer then brought the trailer to the tugboat dock in order to use the forklift to stand the walls up. He did this because it’s easier to do things himself than find anyone willing to help. After he dropped the trailer off he went and launched the boat and made it up to the camp and pushed the camp from behind our house to the tugboat dock.  Then he used the extendable boom fork lift and some chains to grab each wall. Before lifting the wall in place he used a spare 2×4 lightly screwed down to the porch boards in line with the edge of the plywood subfloor to make it easier and faster to line the wall up in place by himself. He used a bead of liquid nail along the length of the wall on the subfloor for extra strength. Then he lifted the wall as close as he could get it and got one side in place and put a 3” screw then slid the wall into place and screwed it down with numerous 3” screws. He repeated this until all wall were secured also using liquid nail where the wall corners met up. He then pushed the camp back to behind the house.

We also received some of the stuff we ordered for the water and electrical systems.

  • 50 gallon water tank.
  • 12volt water pump
  • Foot water pump for bathroom sink . We will use just a gallon of drinking water – brushing our teeth.
  • 100’ of 16/3 marine wire for all the 12volt items
  • 10 rv/boat led dome lights to put throughout the camp in certain spots for lighting 
  • Lights for all of those domes.

Things are finally coming along. We are so ready to be at our lease and in our camp!!

Makeup Organizers!!

Makeup Organizers!!

I know I’ve shared this in the past but I wanted to share it again!!!! I’ve gotten a few new pieces!! I have been having so much fun finding new makeup and trying out new ways of painting my face hahaha.

I’ve linked it all in one place with my If you aren’t following me there you should. The app is FREE and makes it so easy to shop all of my looks and my finds!!

Just click here!!

As always I want thank you all for all of the love and support!! I love doing this!! I hope to keep growing and keep sharing!!

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