Vintage BoHo Bags Flash Sale

Vintage BoHo Bags Flash Sale

Yes, you totally read that title right!!! Vintage BoHo is having their Flash Sale this Friday June 11th at 5PM CST!!!! They only have this sale a few times a year and you don’t want to miss out! I got mine last year during this sale and I LOVE IT!! It’s the first and only designer bag I own. It’s great all year round as you can see. Yes, I do have my eye on one maybe two different bags that I really want! What is Vintage BoHo? They simply repurpose authentic, vintage, pre-owned Louis Vuitton handbags by adding leather detail. You can click here and it will bring you right to their website! Take some time look around and get some ideas of what bag you may be looking for! Oh and the best part is you can use my code: SOUTHERNMAMA10 to get 10% those sale prices!!

  • When you use my code not only do you save 10% but I do make a small commission which helps me out so much! Thank you for using codes and links we have them for yall!

Over 3200 bags and 300 wallets all go LIVE on their website in the Flash Sale Tab. Bags starting at $99 PLUS take an extra 10% off all flash sale prices with code: SOUTHERNMAMA10. There will be 10 of the $1 blessing bags. YES you read that right too. $1 how amazing is that. They do offer financing through Sezzle. Four easy payments where you buy now pay later; 0% interest and bad credit is no problem as long as you have a checking account.

I would advise you to set up your Sezzle account before hand. The bags go fast so you don’t want to miss out by having to Create your account at checkout. If someone else adds that bag to their cart and checks out before you they will get it. Just because you have the bag in your cart does not make it yours!

I would also suggest that you shop from a computer or laptop! Yes you can use your phone or tablets. I just find that on a computer more images will load on a screen verse on a phone. Plus the images are larger and easier to see on a bigger screen.

Another big tip is to check out once you find the bag you want. Even if you are planning to buy more then one bag. Check out after you add one bag to your cart. Because like I said before if someone else adds that bag and checks out before they get it. So whether you or buying one bag or 10 check out after each bag. It’s okay if you have different shipments.

On top of the flash sale the enter site will have a 20% sale and yes you can still use my code to get you an extra 10% bring your saves to 30%. This enclosed the bags not apart of the flash sale and all of their accessories. They have hats and beanies, sunglass case, hat bands, wristlets, belts, cuffs, dog collars, leashes, horse halters, spur straps, charms, and different size straps for the bags.