Ride Day 2020

Ride Day 2020

If you know me you know Mardi Gras is my favorite time of year!! It’s so much fun!! I truly love our small town Mardi Gras in Morgan City, LA! The parades aren’t too long and are very family friendly. But I grow up going to Houma, LA parades with all of my family there. Houma is about a 45 minute drive from Morgan City. My grandpa rode with the Krewe of Hercules, my Grandma rode with a few of the women’s krewes. At one time my Mom, Nanny, and Aunt all rode with the Krewe of Aquarius. As you can tell its in my blood. I can remember being in the back of my grandpa’s truck watching all the people having fun. My favorite women krewe to watch was the Krewe of Cleopatra. So when I was ready I know where and who I wants to ride with.

So here I am just got finished with my 9th year riding with my wonderful Dilligaf float sisters and the Krewe of Cleopatra. “Cleopatra’s Childhood Memories” – our float theme this year was Iron Man. So here is a little run down of how our day goes for those who don’t know or not from here!

First off the day before we ride we load our float. Now every year it’s a different time, but we have to be there at lest 30 minutes before we are to load. That in itself it a show lol. Sometimes it goes great others not so well. By the time I get home its time to make sure everything I need for the next day is packed and ready. I get my backpack ready with: my cup for my drink, I try to make sure I have snacks, battery charger for my phone, fanny pack with my wallet in it, knee brace just in case, rain coat, and any special makeup or glitter. Every year is different depending on our theme and weather. Then I pack my bucket ice chest with water and whatever I will be drinking the next day. I always wait till the morning to add the ice.

I am usually up at 4:30 am to get myself all dressed and ready to go by 6:15 am. We have to meet the party bus by 7am to load up and head over to eat breakfast with the rest of our Krewe. We take a group picture then hit the breakfast bar to eat. Around 8:15 we are back on the bus and off to having a fun filled day. This means bars, bars, and more bars. Don’t get me wrong we do go see our family and then we have lunch. Then it’s back to riding around and having a great time. Some of our ladies like the bars and others just like to ride around so we try and do both. Those that want to party at the bar can and those that don’t go ride around. There is lots of laughing, dancing, and making memories. Our last stop before we head to the floats to load up is a Diaquire shop not far from the mall. Its a big party where just about every float stops. Around 4:30 we are back on the bus heading to our float.

Once on the float we start unpacking and hanging up out throws. This year for me it meant that I took a nap. Your girl had too much fun that day. But after I woke up I got all my stuff together and was ready to ride. Our parade starts at 6:30 in the evening. So if you do that math its about 11 hours of pre-parting before we hit the streets of Houma.

Once the parade starts it all just blurs together. There is lots of people yelling and having a great time. Some years we are very lucky and have a beautiful day and nights. Some years it’s cold, some it’s raining, and some it’s both. But it is always fun!!! I try and catch as many people as I can. I love when I see my family on the route! Ya’ll its really a great time!! Like most things the time we end just depends on so many things: the weather, break downs, how many bands we have, how long the toast is, and so many other different things. Once we are done its time to unload our trash and bags. If we still have extra stuff you just have to take it with you.

This year Alex and I was smart and got a hotel room right by where we unload! So it didn’t take us long to get ready for bed at all and then just pass out for the night!!!

It’s always fun to look back at the pictures and videos we have in our phones the next day. Some will never see social media hahaha. It has become our things to all check in with each other the next day. I hear all the time about how our krewe is the one that throws the most!!!

Mardi Gras isn’t for everyone I know that. There will always be someone that isn’t happy about something. People will have options on everything and that’s okay. Some love going to the big parades in New Orleans while others like the small town fun! Mardi Gras is a time for fun that’s for sure!!! Just remember to be kind and have a great time!!!

Can’t wait to see what our theme for next year will be and how it will all play out!!

Connor loves to read!

Connor loves to read!

So last Monday Connor’s school started their Scholastic Book Fair. Why am I telling you about this? Well it’s because my boy loves to read! And to top it off it was Grandparents lunch that day too! So not only did he get to eat lunch with his Granny, Paw, Yaya and his Great-Granny but he got to share his love for books with them. I was told by my mom that all he wanted to look at was the books. If you have ever been to a Scholastic Book Fair you know there is lots of other things there besides books! But my sweet boy just wanted to read!!!

Do you remember the Book Fair? I know I do. I’m glad to see that they are still going to the schools to bring the joy of reading to kids!!

Watching Connor get excited over all his new books when he got home from school made my day that day!! He was telling me what each book was. It’s crazy how smart he is at 2 that he can look at these and tell me who/what they are. When I’m reading to him he points and helps outs!

Do you love to read to your little ones? Do they enjoy the books as much as you do? Can they point out the different things in the book when you ask them a question?

Skin Care!!

Skin Care!!

I’ve been asked a few times what I use for skin care on my face. That’s an easy one!! I used to wash my face with Neutrogena Oil-free Acbe Wash – pink grapefruit foaming scrub, and still do sometimes. After I would use the belief Aqua Bomb cream. That stuff is so awesome it leaves my face feeling so smooth.

But I was total influenced by well just about every other blogger I follow on Instagram. Everyone was talking about this under eye stick and acne spot treament that well was magic lol. So I had to see what they were all talking about. So I looked up Tula and just had to try it.

If you are new to their site/ products, you can take a skin quiz to help you find what will work for you. I ordered one of the anti-aging skin care starter kit, the go away acne spot treatment, the glow and go brightening eye balm, and the face filter blurring & moisturizing flitter primmer.

Y’all I am so hooked!! I loved the small travel sizes to try out!! It something that I will for sure reorder before a trip just to have them for traveling. The eye brightening balm is so good. It cools and depuffs at the same time!! The primmer gives your face a glow that helps your makeup look so much better. The magic in a tube that is the acne spot treatment helps clear up you pimples in a day, you can even wear it under your makeup and it still helps clear!

At Christmas time I took full advanced of the holiday kits and or course one on the discount codes some of my favorite bloggers had. I brought a few of the kits that had the brightening balm and face masks as gifts. For myself I got the 8 piece kit that had all the full size products in it. This kit had the Rose Gold brightening balm in it. Y’all its just as good as the Blue one if not better!! I use the Blue one when I’m not wearing make up and the Rose Gold one when I am wearing makeup.

If you are following me on instagram you have seen me talk about all of these products before!!! I even have it saved in my highlights. So you know I would only be telling you about it if I really do love them!!

They just launched a few new products with more to come in the next month: you just know they are going to be great. I can’t wait to try the Brighten up Smoothing Primer Gel and the Makeup Melt Removing Balm. These two are on my next order for sure!!

Beachwaver Deep Dive Sale

Beachwaver Deep Dive Sale

Y’all Beachwaver is having a big sale on all of their second chance irons!!! This sale only happens 1-2x per year!! Y’all they are 50-70% off!! And when you use my code it take an extra 10% off at check out!!! (Use code: KendraWave) So hurry check them out NOW!!! The iron/packaging may be cosmetically imperfect, but each one is hand-inspected and certified as good as new. The sale will be available until supplies last – which will go fast! Trust me you do NOT want to miss out on this deal!! Just click HERE and it will take you right to their sale page!!

What is Certified Open Box? -When a Beachwaver iron is returned, we open each box and hand-inspect each tool. These irons may be cosmetically imperfect, but are certified good as new!

Why Certified Open Box?

  • Eco-Friendly -In an overall effort to be sustainable, these irons may be packaged in either a bag or box.
  • Deep Discounts -With tools up to 70% off a comparable new iron, you’ll be making waves in no time! *Because this deal is so sweet, all items are final sale!
  • We’ve Got You Covered -Because your iron is good as new, so is your warranty. Your purchase includes a 1-year limited warranty!
Vici Try-on 2/13/2020

Vici Try-on 2/13/2020

At one point in time I would have never shopped online. I was a shopping in the store kind of gal. But with shopping online being right at our finger tips every day it’s so hard not too. I have always been one to shop small boutiques, I loving having pieces in my clothes that not everyone in town will have too! So when I found VICI online I fall in love!! The prices are not that bad and all the pieces are so cute! There are a few really good influencers that have codes to save 20% on your orders and you can even get lucky some times and fine one of the ladies with a one day 25% off code. Sign up for their e-mails because you can get discount codes there too! You can check out my Instagram highlights for a few of the older try-on hauls I have done! Here is my latest order that I got in!! All of the pieces scream SPRING TIME!! I’m so ready for cooler nice weather here in South Louisiana. Mother Nature doesn’t know what she wants to do here!!

Tops – LAID BACK KNIT SWEATER – Cream & Ginger – SIZE – Small/Medium – Final Sale right now – $32.40 Jeans UNIVERSAL DISTRESSED FRAYED SKINNY – Size 1 – $54.00 Booties – LOMBARD FAUX SUEDE BOOTIE – TAN – Size 7 – sorry these are no longer available but they are lots of cute booties.

TopLEOPARD-LICIOUS COTTON UNFINISHED TEE – Size Small – $38.00 – This tee is currently out of stock but you can sign up for restock emails.

TopTHE BIG ISLAND STRIPED RACERBACK TANK – Size Small – $32.00 – This tank is currently out of stock but you can sign up for restock emails.

SweatshirtCOFFEE, BECAUSE MONDAY SWEATSHIRT – Size Small – Final Sale right now – $32.40

DressSPRINGTIME POCKETED BABYDOLL TUNIC – Berry (comes in Gray & Black) – Size Small – $48.00

Dress – HOLMES POCKETED CHAMBRAY TASSEL DRESS – Size Small – $54.00 * I actually was gifted this dress by a blogger that I love to follow! Every Saturday Krista shares Vici’s new arrivals along with a 25% discount code that you can use on Sunday! She does a weekly giveaway to 3 followers! I was so excited when I seen that I had won! Thank You so much Krista!!

I hope you go and check them out!! I’m sure you will find lots of things you will love!! Please share with me anything you find!!

Also don’t forget that super cute phone case I have is from Loopy Cases and you can use my code: southernmama10 to save 10% at check out!!!

Comfy Baby Shower Look

Comfy Baby Shower Look

Does anyone else kid wake up super early on the weekend? I have to drag him out of the bed on a weekday to go to school. But no not on Saturday mornings he is up at 5:45 am ready to go. Just mine? Yes, No?

We had play time, brunch with family, then it was time for me to hurry up and get ready for my cousin’s baby shower. I got ready in just under an hour!! I feel like this look would work all year round. Just change out the shoes for the different times of the year. Great for a day date, girls dinner, or any kind of casual event.

I fixed my hair using my Beachwaver S1 curling iron. (Don’t forget you can use my code: Kendrawave to save 10% at check out) My neckless and earrings were a Christmas gift so I’m not sure where they came from to let y’all know sorry!

Everything is all from ViciDolls. Yes, I said it the outfit is all from one place!! If you have been keeping up with my Instagram, you know I love shopping at Vici! Everything runs True to Size! This is the first time I wear a hat like this and I really think it made the outfit.

HatEvelyn Felt Hat – Beige – $38.00 TankPhysique Racerback Tank – White – Extra Small – $22.00 KimonoViola Floral Kimono – Olive – Small/Medium – on sale $22.80 JeansSisterhood Distressed Mid Rise Skinny – Size 1 – $55.00 – (no longer available) ShoesRoyale Heels – Natural – size 6.5 – $22.00 (no longer available) ** I just linked you to the Jeans and Shoes pages due to the ones I’m wearing not being available anymore I’m sorry.

I wanted to say that yes the shoes did hurt my feet but not as bad as I thought they would. I have a pair that is the same style by a higher end brand that I spent close to $100 on and they KILLED my feet. So when I brought them I was expecting them to hurt me yet as bad. But these only hurt my pinky toe and nothing else. I am very happy with them! This was the first time I wore them all day!

Eye Primer -Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion – Eden (all over) Too Faced – Primed and Peachy (lid)  Eyeshadow – Urban Decay – Naked3  Eye Liner – Urban Decay – 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil – Demolition  Brow – BeneFit – Precisely, My Brow Pencil – 3.75 Mascare – Maybelline – The Colossal Volum’ Express – Glam Brown Face Primer – Tula – Face Filter Blurring & Moisturizing Primer  Under my eyes – Tula – Rose Glow & Get it Cooling & Brightening eye balm Foundation – Dose of Colors- Meet Your Hue – 117 Light Medium. Contour – Huda Beauty – Tantour Contour & Bronzer Cream – Light Concealer – Kylie Cosmetics – Gypsum (my shade) & Himalaya (color corrector) Setting Powder – Kylie Cosmetics – Soft Pink (under my eyes/ baking) & Beige (Jaw line)  Setting Spray – Urban Decay – All Nighter  Lips – Lip Liner, Lip Stick, & Gloss – KAB Cosmetics – Sweetheart.

Please let me know if you want to know where I got any of my makeup from. I’ll be more then glad to share with you!!

Outfit details 2/7/2020

Outfit details 2/7/2020

I’m so excited that ya’ll liked the last outfit of the day blog post as much as I liked doing it for you! I will keep doing it when I am able to get dressed up!!

Today was nothing special at all. Just a normal causal Friday for me!! But when you are going shopping you want to be comfy right? I was able to finish all of my shopping for ride day. For those that don’t know what that is I’ll tell you!!

We love our Mardi Gras here in the South!! It my favorite holiday ever!! I have been riding with the Krewe of Cleopatra in Houma, LA for 9 years now. I LOVE IT!! We are a night parade that rolls the night before Mardi Gras day!!! Its the best Monday of the year!! I got all of my beads, light ups, and throws ready to go!! Basically I spend A LOT of money to get drunk and throw stuff at people on the side of the road!!

So a comfy shopping outfit is a must!!!

Cardigan – Vici Collection – Yukon Packeted Aztec – Size Small – this cardigan is sadly no longer available. I paid $52.00 Top – BKE – Brushed Fleece Top – Size Small – more colors available. $28.95 Jeans – OldNavy – Mid-Rise Distressed Rockstar Jeans for Women – size 0 – on sale right now for $18.00 Shoes – Nike – Nike Tanjun Woman’s Shoe – $65 – size 6.5 – I got mine from my local The Shoe Dept.

Today’s makeup was super simple. I didn’t need full face or coverage. I just want to look alive. haha

I will what I used in the order I used it. Eye Primer -Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion – Eden (all over) Too Faced – Primed and Peachy (lid) Eyeshadow – Urban Decay – Naked3 Eye Liner – Urban Decay – 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil – Demolition Brow – BeneFit – Precisely, My Brow Pencil – 3.75 Face Primer – Tula – Face Filter Blurring & Moisturizing Primer Under my eyes – Tula – Rose Glow & Get it Cooling & Brightening eye balm BB Cream – NYX – Beauty Balm – Natural Concealer – Tarte – Creaseless Concealer – Light & Aquacealer Concealer – fair-light Bronzer – Kylie Cosmetics – Toasty Setting Powder – Elcie Cosmetics – Medium Blush – Rimmer London – Maxi Blush – Sweet Cheeks Lips – Too Faced – Sex on the Peach (lip stick) & bareMinerals – Playmaker (gloss)

If there is anything else you want a link to please just let me know!! I didn’t link the make-up because everyone gets their makeup from different places. But if you want to know where I got mine, I am happy to tell you!!

Outfit of the Day 2/5/2020

Outfit of the Day 2/5/2020

So today I had a Stihl sales school so I got to get dresses up for once!!!

I went for a causal business look! I think I did okay with it. This is the first time I pair a blazer with a plain tee like this. Y’all I got up at 5am. If you know me you know I am NOT a morning person at all. So you know if I’m waking up that early I have to make sure I don’t look as tired as I really am!! I did have my hair looking a lot better but thanks to the weather here today if fell real fast. Your girl would have had to use a whole bottle of hair spray to keep them curls. But hey the wavy looks good too!!

Blazer is from Vici Dolls – Uptown Girl Pocketed ($64) – size Small – no longer available but they have so many cute options to choose from!

Jean and Tee are both from Old Navy. I got both in September or October. Shirt is the Luxe Slub-Knit Tee for Women – size Medium – on sale right now for $10.00. Comes in many different colors. Jeans – Mid-Rise Super Skinny Jeans for Women – size 0 – on sale right now for $25.00. Comes in different colors and washes.

Shoes are from Wal-Mart. Time and Tru Women’s Point Ballet Wide Width Flat – size 6.5 – $9.97

Makeup I used today!!

I always do my eye make-up first. That way if I have fall out I can wipe it alway without removing any of my other makeup!! I am listing the order I apply my makeup and the shades of each as well. Eye Primer – Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion – Eden Eyeshadow – Rimmer London Magnif’eyes NUDE Edition Liners – lid – Maybelline Ultra Liner Waterproof – Brown Water line – Maybelline Define-a-Line – Brownish Black Mascare – I used two different ones to get the look I was looking for! Too Face Better than Sex & Urban Decay Perversion Bigger, Blacker, Badder. Brows – BeneFit Precisely, my Brow Pencil – 3.75 Face Primer – Tula Face filter Blurring and Moisturizing Primer – Also use Rose Glow & Get it Cooling & Brightening Eye Balm Foundation – Dose of Colors- Meet Your Hue – 117 Light Medium. Contour – Huda Beauty – Tantour Contour & Bronzer Cream – Light Concealer – Kylie Cosmetics – Gypsum (my shade) & Himalaya (color corrector) Blush – Kylie Cosmetics – Baddie on the Block Highlighter – Kylie Cosmetics – True Mama Setting Powder – Kylie Cosmetics – Soft Pink (under my eyes/ baking) & Beige (Jaw line) Setting Spray – Urban Decay – All Nighter Lips – Kylie Cosmetics – Ultra Beauty – Lip Liner and Matte Liquid Lipstick

And of course Connor couldn’t just let me go today without jumping in on something I was trying to do for my followers. I love that he always wants to be around when I’m working!! Incase you want to know – His shirt and socks are from Wal-Mart and he is wearing his Honest Pull-ups!!

I really hope you enjoyed this blog post! Please let me know if you would like to see more like this. Don’t forget to Follow me here and on my Instagram page for all the daily updates on life!!!

Loopy Cases Code

Loopy Cases Code

Tired of always dropping your phone case? It’s time to StoptheDrop!

Y’all I’ve been talking with Loopy Cases and I got a discount code for y’all to save on the best case I have found!!!

You can now use my code: southernmama10 at check out to save 10%!!!!

If you have seen my posts on Instagram, you’ve only seen one type of case on my phone and its the Loopy Case! You’ve even seen it on my Christmas gift guide list!! So you know if I am telling you about it, it’s because I use it and I LOVE it!!!

I first seen the Loopy Case on Facebook and Instagram as a sponsored ad. The designs on the cases were so cute, must better then the plain case that was on my phone at the time. So I checked out their site and found one that I loved. I even found a discount code at that time too!!

Well once it came in I was HOOKED. The adjustable loop was so much easier than the PopSocket I was using. I placed a second order not long after that!! I would go change them out often!!

When I got my new phone the first thing I did was place a preorder for a new Loopy Case to fit!! I was lost without it while I was waiting!! I had loved the Blossom so much that I got the same design!

Now that the Camo design has came out, I think its time for me to order me a second case!! You know your girl loves her camo!! It will be the perfect case to use when I’m in the stand hunting or in the boat fishing!!

But really y’all know I try to be as honest as I can about a product I recommend to y’all! These cases really are the best. I can slide the loop through my wallet strap and not have to have so much in my hands. Being a mom I need my hands free as much as posiblabe. Yes, it does fit in my pocket with the loop! The loop is adjustable to fit you. Yes, you can buy and change out the loops to different colors. Yes, the case is shock absorbers! Yes you can us it one handed. No, the loop does not block the camera.

So treat yourself and get you, your husband, your best friend, your kid, and anyone this case. They make great gifts!! I promise you you will love it!!! Use my Code: southernmama10 to save 10% at check out!!!

Valentine’s Day code Beachwaver!!!

Valentine’s Day code Beachwaver!!!

Y’all know I LOVE my Beachwaver!!! So anytime I can save y’all money I’m going to shout it out to y’all!!!

Shop here – beachwaver.glg9ob.net/kendrawave

Use code: LoveHair30 to save 30% site wide!!

This sale is only until the 5th!! Order it now in time to get it for Valentine’s Day! You know you want to fix your hair for that hot date you having with your man!!

Check out their certified open boxes to save even more!!

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