Shop the Mint!!

Shop the Mint!!

I am so excited to announce that I am now working with Shop the Mint as a brand ambassador!! I can’t wait to be able to share new pieces with you and of course SALES!!!! I am working on getting you a discount code but right now if you text MINT to 90243 you will save 15%.

You can shop through my personal link here, ShoptheMint. When you shop through my link I do make a small commission, a big Thank You if you chose to help me out!! I have also linked everything to my account too!!!

Y’all everything I have brought from them I LOVE!! Their tees are the softest ever!! You know I love find adorable fashion right, and their prices are great!

Here are a few the pieces I already have and LOVE!! I’m wearing an extra small in all of the shorts, and Smalls in everything else. The sandals I sized up a 1/2 size to a 7. Swimsuit. – Top: extra small Bottom: small

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Exciting news for the Foret Family

Exciting news for the Foret Family

I am over the moon to make this announcement! And NO we are not having another baby, lol! If you have been following me on Instagram you may already know, but we are FINALLY building a family camp and we are now in our own hunting lease.

We have been talking about finding a hunting lease for years. If you are from Louisiana or even just a hunting you know how expense hunting leases and hunting is! You have to either have a lease or know someone to go on their lease. State land is free but you can’t build a stand you have to take it with you every time you go. It can be crazy at time. We have talked about building our own camp for years as well. But still you have to have a lease to be able to put it. You can’t just go tie up your camp anywheres. Yes there is cheaper leases just for camps but no hunting rights.

So this year we had the opportunity to join a very good lease that has hunting right and a place we can put a camp. This is a big decision for our family. But its the right one for us!

We are a water family for sure. I grow up going to my family camp. There is so many pictures and video of us there and just on the water! Same goes for Raymond. He can remember leaving for school on Friday mornings with the boat already hooked up to his truck. Even now, when Raymond is home we are in the boat just about everyday!

Connor loves to go for boat rides. We have taken him fishing so much this year that he knows how to run jug line and he is only 2 1/2 years old!! He knows where ” pa’s camp” is already!! So we know he will love it just as much as we will. We can not wait to share life long memories there as a family.

I will do my best to update the process of building out camp. We are building a 20×24 float with a 16×16 living area on it! We will have two porches, a small one off the back and a larger one on the front, with a 2 foot walk way on both sides! We are going to use a floor plan simpler to the one below with a few little changes. One will be a stand shower with a closet instead of a tub.

Today I order 6 PermaFloats (36in. x 96in. x 24in.) that we will use to build the deck and camp on. You can find the link here to my I will do my best to link everything we bye while building!

I can’t wait to get started and be able to enjoy our time in God’s Country!

Swimsuit TryOn

Swimsuit TryOn

I totally stepped out of my comfort zone today and did a swimsuit TryOn! I was super nervous the whole time! But I am proud that I did it. I have never been one to “show off” my body. Yes I know I am a small person, but I am just like every other woman out there! I have things about my body that I just don’t like. I could list them out but I won’t. Just know that I wasn’t 100 % sure if I was going to post a TryOn with swimsuits. I went back and forth about it.

The last few years I have been trying to find a one piece swimsuit that wasn’t for a child or for an old lady. You know how hard it was for me to find a some that I liked? What’s been even harder than finding a one piece, has been trying to find a two piece that I like as well. It’s been years scene I brought a new swim suit! And I wasn’t so sure about some of these new styles. I’ve said it before about how I am a hands on shopper. When it comes to clothes I would so much rather try them on. But right now that’s just not an option! So I made do. I read review after review on the two boutiques that I finally chose to order from. I will say I am very happy with the look of the two one pieces and the one two piece I did find.

You can shop all three looks at my page.

I have to say that the Black one piece is my Favorite one I got. I feel so good in it! The cut outs give it just the right amount of sexy. It also comes in red.

I knew when I started doing TryOns and sharing them to my Instagram I would most like have to do a swimsuit TryOn. It was something I was very scared about. But after talking about it on stories and seeing the support I had from my followers it really helped me to want to share it! I hope that someone reads this and see how nerve I was and how I over came my fear. I hope that helps them over come something they have been scared to do!!

I curled my hair using my Beachwaver Pro1.25 – use code: KendraWave to save 10% on your order.

Loopycase – Use code: Southernmama10 to save 10% on your order.

Shop the Mint – quick link to the shop I got the two piece from!

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