Vintage BoHo Bags Flash Sale

Vintage BoHo Bags Flash Sale

Yes, you totally read that title right!!! Vintage BoHo is having their Flash Sale this Friday June 11th at 5PM CST!!!! They only have this sale a few times a year and you don’t want to miss out! I got mine last year during this sale and I LOVE IT!! It’s the first and only designer bag I own. It’s great all year round as you can see. Yes, I do have my eye on one maybe two different bags that I really want! What is Vintage BoHo? They simply repurpose authentic, vintage, pre-owned Louis Vuitton handbags by adding leather detail. You can click here and it will bring you right to their website! Take some time look around and get some ideas of what bag you may be looking for! Oh and the best part is you can use my code: SOUTHERNMAMA10 to get 10% those sale prices!!

  • When you use my code not only do you save 10% but I do make a small commission which helps me out so much! Thank you for using codes and links we have them for yall!

Over 3200 bags and 300 wallets all go LIVE on their website in the Flash Sale Tab. Bags starting at $99 PLUS take an extra 10% off all flash sale prices with code: SOUTHERNMAMA10. There will be 10 of the $1 blessing bags. YES you read that right too. $1 how amazing is that. They do offer financing through Sezzle. Four easy payments where you buy now pay later; 0% interest and bad credit is no problem as long as you have a checking account.

I would advise you to set up your Sezzle account before hand. The bags go fast so you don’t want to miss out by having to Create your account at checkout. If someone else adds that bag to their cart and checks out before you they will get it. Just because you have the bag in your cart does not make it yours!

I would also suggest that you shop from a computer or laptop! Yes you can use your phone or tablets. I just find that on a computer more images will load on a screen verse on a phone. Plus the images are larger and easier to see on a bigger screen.

Another big tip is to check out once you find the bag you want. Even if you are planning to buy more then one bag. Check out after you add one bag to your cart. Because like I said before if someone else adds that bag and checks out before they get it. So whether you or buying one bag or 10 check out after each bag. It’s okay if you have different shipments.

On top of the flash sale the enter site will have a 20% sale and yes you can still use my code to get you an extra 10% bring your saves to 30%. This enclosed the bags not apart of the flash sale and all of their accessories. They have hats and beanies, sunglass case, hat bands, wristlets, belts, cuffs, dog collars, leashes, horse halters, spur straps, charms, and different size straps for the bags.

I’m still here I promise!!

I’m still here I promise!!

Y’all I’m alive I promise!! I know it’s almost JUNE and I’m making my first post of the year! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ Y’all 2021 has been a busy crazy year so far. Can you believe that we are already half way through it. So let’s recap what’s happened!

So we finished the camp enough to actual use it and we LOVE IT! We still have finishing work to do on the inside and by that I mean trim molding and a real door to the bathroom lol. But we have made multiple weekend trips to the sandbar on it! Why didn’t we do this years ago we’ll never know! We didn’t get it to the hunting lease this past season but it will be there this year!!

But speaking of hunting season! Y’all I got Raymond in a stand and he loved it!! He actually was the only one of us to kill this year! He got two doe. I’m so very proud of him! Connor ever made a few hunts with us and did very well! I on the other hand only killed time! But that’s okay. Raymond got the fever and that’s all that counts right! Y’all I could really sit in that stand all day and just enjoy the beauty this is our state and God’s amazing handy work!!

I never even got around to writing the meet our new family member post. Well y’all after we lost Lucy in August of 2020 we had a very big hole in our hearts and in our home. October 4 we got our newest baby Josie! She is a Goldendoodle. Y’all this sweet girl has brought so much joy to us and cost us a whole lot of money and stress. Y’all at the very beginning of December she eat the berry peaks off of my Christmas tree and had to have emergency surgery to have the metal removed from her tummy. Then a week later ended up back having to the vet because she had an infection from the stitches. Y’all I can’t make this stuff up! But she is the goofiest, sweetest, loving dog ever! Her and Connor’s bond is just magic!!

We had a great Christmas and New Years. One of my beautiful nieces got married!! Mardi Gras of course SUCKED. I will never take ride day for granted ever again, but now I’m so ready for Ride Day 2022!! Easter was beautiful!! Perfect weather and I even did the reading at our outdoor service which is a BIG deal for me. It may come as a big surprise but I get super nerves talking in front of big crowds. I know right me who can talk for days lol. We celebrated our 13th Wedding anniversary!! Mother’s Day was spent at the Sandbar camping out in our camp from Thursday to Monday!! Connor finished PreK2!! He is now Potty Trained!!! Y’all it only took us a year to get him to finally use the potty and not be freaked out by it!! Summer began with a yet another Trip to the sandbar for Memorial Day!! Connor started play Wee Tee Ball and he loves it! Myself and Raymond have both went to the dark side and joined TikTok. Yes and y’all Raymond is killing it with the camp stuff on his feed! Me I just have fun with it!!

Now we are here in June with only half the year left!!! It really doesn’t feel like it yet. I

But I would have to say my favorite thing of 2021 so far besides all of the family time we have been having has to be the work I’ve been putting into my Instagram. I recently became an ambassador for TWO more company’s that I personal shop with and LOVE: LiquidIV; 25% off and free shipping with code: MAMAOFONE, VintageBoHo bags; 10% off with code: SOUTHERNMAMA10. I have hosted several giftaways with some amazing friends on IG and ever my first Beachwaver giveaway! I love the friendships I have made and the support from my followers so much. It really brightens my day when I get to share something that makes another mom or woman feel like they can do it too. Plus saving y’all some money is always a win!

So here’s to me doing better at updating y’all on all the sales and how our life is going!! There is a few things coming up soon that I know y’all will love. Until then here is a few photos from the last 6 months!!

Christmas Trees From Lowes

Christmas Trees From Lowes

I’ve had my Christmas Tree from Lowes for 11 years now. I love it!! It’s so pretty!!! Last year the white lights finally went out like a week before Christmas. So like a normal person I took everything off to it and cut the lights off of the tree! I use normal as a joke because that was not an easy job to do. I then added new colored lights and re-decorated the whole tree once again!!

What do you guys think of this years Fun Family Tree?

I was going to get a new one this year but I impatient and just used my same one. of course after I had it all up and decorated I went to Lowe’s and looked at all the Tress they had in stock. Y’all they have some beautiful trees this year!

I’ve link up some of my favorites that I found! I did different sizes and styles. Some of my favorites are the flocked ones! Just Click Here and it will bring you right to my where you can shop faster!

I personal like Lowe’s because I find they keep a larger stock of their items. They had a lot of these trees in my local Lowe’s. All are available online and can be shipped to your local store or to your house.

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Limited Edition Beachwaver

Limited Edition Beachwaver

O.M.G will you just look at how PRETTY this Limited Edition B1 Kitten Glitter Beachwaver and Limited Edition Clamp & Curl is 😍🥰 And they are on SALE during pre-order only!

Pre-Order is live NOW!!! Ships 11/21!! Makes for the Perfect Gift!!

B1 Beachwaver — Normal Price $143 — Pre-order Price $71.20 — With my Code (KendraWave) $64.08

Clamp & Curl — Normal Price $59 — Pre-Order Price $35.40 — With my Code (KendraWave) $31.86

Get them now while you can!!!!

You all know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE all of Beachwavers! I have all 3 sizes and the Straighter. Its my go too hair tool for all of my hair styles.

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Camp Week 5

Camp Week 5

Y’all this week we finally got everything on the outside DONE! It was another busy long week! And your girl finally had tome to get out there and help Raymond do some of the work!! Keep in mind Raymond got home the day after all of the rain and wind from Hurricane Lauren! This is also the week we had to paint which meant we had to wait until all the rain had stopped and the siding had time to dry.

August 29

Started painting the siding with Sherman Williams A-100 in the color Sliverpointe 7653. Our cousin gave us 15 gallons of that color. He put two good coats on.

August 30

That morning Raymond went to Lowe’s and bought 20 1x4x8s and two 2x8x8s and 12 treated furing strips for the siding seams. He also bought the front door and storm door. Because it was still wet and raining that day he went in the shop and painted all of these with two coats of paint.  We used Valspar Exterior paint & primer in the color Possibility 5007-1A

August 31

Monday morning he proceeded to install the facia boards on the front and back peaks. He then installed the 1×4 trim boards on all the corners and along the top and bottom of the siding. Before he installed the bottom trim board he loosened the siding along the bottom and slid z bar flashing in along the bottom of the walls to protect the subfloor. Then installed the seam trim furing strips on every seam of the siding. We went to yes your guessed it Lowes again that night and picked up more paint rollers and caulking.

September 1st

Tuesday morning installed the front door with 3” deck screws everywhere even in the striker plate and hinges. Raymond cut the front and back facing to size then took them back down for paint. While Raymond was cutting pulling the deck board up and cutting then shorter, I was painting the last of the trim boards and the face boards. After installing all the boards we then caulked every seam on all the trim and every screw head this took the entire day. We also caulked the windows in too.

September 2nd

Wednesday we painted everything again after the caulking had set overnight. 

September 3rd

Thursday morning he made a 1/4” thick aluminum plate for the ac hole at the machine shop. Framed the opening for the ac bigger than the actual unit we had just in case we had to go larger in the future we would have the room. Installed the aluminum plate with 40 wood screws and caulked it all then installed the window unit and made sure it had no leaks. Then he had bought 10” flashing rolls long ago so he took and crimped them into a 90 deg flashing and installed that under the metal roofing so there will be no issues with leaks in the future. 

The outside is pretty much complete for now except the awning over the front porch and the gutters down the sides to fill the water tank with rain water. Hopeful the next time he is home we’ll be able to pull wires and plumbing, insulate all the walls and ceiling, frame the bathroom up inside, lay a vapor barrier on the floor and install another 1/2” thick subfloor over the treated 3/4” and install the paneling.

Y’all we are so close be being done enough to where we can stay the night in the camp! I’m hoping that we will have the camp at our lease before hunting season opens!!!

Camp Week 4

Camp Week 4

Y’all I know I’m so late with our camp updates! I’m so sorry! Raymond has been working so hard! The last few times he has been home! I’m going to give y’all the run down for week 4, August 6 -12!

August 7

Was Connor’s first day of school. After dropping him off we went to Lowe’s and bought the 2x12x16 middle beam for the roof framing and all the 2x6x8s for the rafters, 8 sheets of 1/2” plywood for roof sheeting, two rolls of 30lb felt paper and the hardware to put this all together. Raymond was able to cut and install the center beam and start to cut all the smaller rapers. That was also the day we lost our Lucy.

August 8th

A much needed family and sandbar day. It wasn’t the same without our girl but we shared funny stories of her, everyone loved her so much. She really was the best dog!

August 9th

Started by first installing the 2×12 standing up & down in the middle of the wall framing. Then made one template out of one of the 2x6s. He then went and cut every rafter angle needed. Placed all the rafters from one end to the other spaced 24” apart. Also installed dead wood between each rafter to close the eaves in. 

August 10th

Next was laying the roofs plywood sheeting down and screwing it down. Then the felt paper down with plastic washer roofing nails (only nails used in this project so far).  We then wrapped the whole camp with house wrap vapor barrier on the walls. That night we went to TWO different Lowe’s bought 18 sheets of t1-11. YES I said two lol.

August 11th

Very busy day!! Started by installing the two windows then installed the siding all screwed with deck screws. The door frame was cut out once the siding was installed.  He then had to cut the metal roofing down from 12’ lengths to 8 foot 6 inches, then installed them with sheet metal screws and the ridge cap. He wanted to make sure that the tin was on the roof because it had rained and water was getting into the camp. We wanted to try and keep out all water! Before he left he screwed a piece of plywood over the door way so nothing or no-one would go in there.

Thank goodness he was about to get that done because while he was on the boat we had not one but two different hurricanes in the gulf that they said was going to head right to us. Thankful the first storm dissipated into nothing, but the second storm which turned into Hurricane Laura and hit as a Category 4 missed our area but hit Lake Charles, LA and causing major damage.

These Jeans are a MUST Have

These Jeans are a MUST Have

Today on my Instagram I shared the last of my Shop the Mint haul and I didn’t realize I had saved the best for last but yall I did. These flared jeans and flowie tops are sooo good! Yall these jeans are so good! I love the fit of them and how flatting they are on!! I really feel like I was alive in the 70s and was a total Janis Joplin! I’m total here for them!! Its the same jeans in all three looks! I will say they are very longs in the legs. I’m wearing some really high platform heels with these. I’ll add the link to some that are similar to the ones I have on.

These are the same Top Moda shoe but a didn’t style – mine look very similar to these!!

You can shop all these through the links that are highlighted or through my page!!

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Shop The Mint Fall Styles

Shop The Mint Fall Styles

I love when you can take a great Tee and style it in many different ways! I’m loving this whole Fall order I made. I’m trying to space out the try-ons and these post so that you guys don’t feel like I’m pushing it all in your face at one time!! My favorite Fall (anytime of year if I’m telling you the truth) is a great T-Shirt and Jeans combo!!!

I finally jumped on the bandwagon and got me a pair of the Spanx Faux Leather Leggings and yall they are that GOOD!! Yall these things are so comfy and so cute! I was honestly shocked how much I love them! I really don’t know why I waited so long to get them. I got mine during the Norstrom sale but I would total pay full price for them again!!! They are sold out there but I’m sure once the sale is done they will be back in stock!! The Nordstrom sale comes around once a year so if you are wanting to get them on sale you will have to wait until them. I wish I would have gotten the Petite. I sized up to the Small!! I can’t wait to style these a few different ways!!! Who wants to see a blog post on just these leggings and ways to style them?

You can always shop these looks by clicking on the links are through the Free app!!!

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Shop the Mint T-Shirt Dress

Shop the Mint T-Shirt Dress

Yall know I LOVE a good comfy T-shirt dress!! And these from The Mint Julep Boutique are so amazing. Both are super soft and very affordable! Pair them with a jacket and booties, you’ll have the perfect Fall look!! I love at these are pieces that I can keep for YEARS to come. T-Shirt dress are always in style through out the year!!!

Lean On Me Wine Red T-Shirt Dress – Small – $20.00 – 7 colors to choose from.

Jacket is an old one I had in my closet but you can’t go wrong any style denim!! This one is Mudd and came from Kohls I believe.

I also linked both of these styles on my There you can find links to the booties and denim jacket!

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Pre – Orders are LIVE now for the first ever, limited edition PINK SUNSET B Series Beachwaver!!!! Only $89 plus get 20% off when you pre-order!!!  Save an EXTRA 10% with my code: KendraWave 💓 Just click here to grab yours now!!!

This limited quantity, gorgeous design will ship 9/14 so grabs your now ✨ The Beachwaver® B1 Pink Sunset is the debut rotating curling iron of the new B-Series collection! The B-Series collection is designed to include the core functions of the classic Beachwaver S-Series.

There are two arrow buttons designed for ease, simple left/right speed rotation will make curling a breeze, which creates a lightweight design!

One button design for power and temperature setting.

Low: 290° F (150° C)
Medium: 350°F (180°C)
High: 410° F (210° C)

The limited edition iron also has a custom ombré design inspired by our Make Waves haircare collection! This is just the first design of many new limited editions to come!

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