Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Another holiday that will be totally different this year! I’m still not used to all this online shopping for gifts and having to spend so much time apart from my family. My mom and I have always had a close relationship and we are usually together when we have the free time. This may be the first Mother’s Day I not with my mom and that makes me sad. So to help I’ve been doing a little retail therapy! Who hasn’t been right haha!!

So I put together some of my favorites and a some of the things I would love. I also tired to put a little of everything. From shoes and jammies, makeup and skin care, jeweler and styling tools, and even things to keep her drinks cold or hot. And you can’t forget about a great smelling candle. You can shop all these items easy through my page (Just click here

Also don’t forever you can save 10% on any Beachwaver products when you use code KendarWave at check out!!

I hope you all have a great and Happy Mother’s Day!! I’m sure I’ll be hanging with Connor and hopeful my mom as well!!

Sephora Sale Must Haves

Sephora Sale Must Haves

Is anyone else shopping online way too much? I know I am. I also know that this Sephora Sale I’m sure I’ll be spending even more! The Sephora sale started yesterday so I wanted to round up some of my favorite products I get there! This sale is for Sephora Members only!! Not a member it’s okay you can still join oh and its FREE to join. You can save 10% as an INSIDER!

See something you like that’s in the pictures below and want to shop my favorites? Head on over to my page and shop there!

These are all the different skin care and tools I have brought from Sephora over the years!

Yall know I love my makeup right!! Here are just some of my favorites that I use daily!!!

Happy Shopping and Happy Savings!!! I hope this will help you find something new that I’m sure you’ll love!!!

Comfy Vici Try-on

Comfy Vici Try-on

Y’all know I love my Vici!!! Its been a little while scene the last time I was able to order. So when this collection was released and I seen all these amazing fines I went a little crazy lol. Head on over to my Instagram to see the saved highlights from this Try on!!

This whole try on was super comfy and casual!! Yall just about every top is sooooo soft!!! You will love it all!! I want to note that this is the first time I order or wear a bodysuit. Also I normal only shop for shorts in store because I like to try them on and make sure they are long enough. I’m not one for shorts so short that my butt is showing. And I broke down and brought a tie die shirt too lol. I know some of the prices may seem high but you can always use the 20% off code Vici usually has or you can find some of the bloggers that work with him and get their codes!

HAPPY TOGETHER SHORT SLEEVE BODYSUIT – BLACK – $34 — I’m wearing small. I also got it inWhite too. — they are both sold out right now but you can sign up for e-mails for when they are restocked!!

ANAHEIM POCKETED JOGGERS – KHAKI – $38 — I’m wearing a small – only larger are in stock right now but you can sign up for emails when they are restocked in your size.

ANAHEIM POCKETED JOGGERS – CAMEL – $38 — Wearing a Small. These are sold out right now but you can sign up for e-mails for when they are restocked!!

LIKE IT OR LEAVE IT TANK – SMOKE GREEN – $18 — Wearing a Small – Comes in a pink color too – This is the softest top I have even worn. They are both sold out right now but you can sign up for e-mails for when they are restocked.

PAULINA KNOTTED TANK – SAGE – $28 – Wearing a Small – Comes in Ivory and Black. — This top is just as soft as the other one!! They are all sold out right now but you can sign up for e-mails for when they are restocked.

HAZEL HIGH RISE DISTRESSED DENIM SHORTS – $48 – Wearing an Extra Small – Sold out in the medium but all other sizes are in stock right now!

1776 ROCK N ROLL TEE – $38 – Wearing a Small – super soft!! This is sold out right now but you can sign up for e-mails for when they are restocked!!

FEELIN’ FINE IN ‘79 COTTON BLEND TEE – $34 – Wearing a small. Instock in all sizes!!! This is so me!!

JAKE HIGH RISE CUFFED DENIM SHORTS – $44 – Wearing an Extra Small. Only extra smalls in stock but you can sign up for emails for when the other sizes are back instock.

HOPSCOTCH TIE DYE RUFFLE TEE – $38 – Wearing a Small. This is sold out right now but you can sign up for e-mails for when they are restocked!!

I know a lot of things are sold out, and that’s because well VICI is awesome lol. But when you sign up for the restock emails and get them. A lot of the time you will get the pre-order email first!! Its worth it I promise you!!

Sorry for the socks lol I was not wearing shoes today for anything lol I cut myself shaving. Its right on my ankle so I didn’t want to have shoes rubbing on it at all. Also this is way I’m so white lol I was planning on self tanning this morning but with the cut on my ankle I decided to wait.

Giving Back – Blessed

Giving Back – Blessed

I have found yet another reason I love blogging and doing my Instagram!!!

When I reach 1000 followers I did a second Thank You Giveaway!! The winner was so excited! It helped to brighten her day while going thought the same thing most of us are going through. It filled my heart to give back. As soon as that was done I teamed up with six other mamas to offer a $200 cash giveaway! I was so happy to team with Lauren, Paige, Tessa, Sara, Jordan and Robin. We just wanted to give our followers some hope and a little help with whatever she needed. We announced the lucky winner and she was over the moon.

This is why we did this!! We wanted to give back, to help out in this tough time. I am very much looking forward to do more give aways like that!! It doesn’t matter if it $50 or $200 every small amount of kindness will help brighten someones day!!

I’ve never really do what I wanted to do in life besides being a mom! I’ve always been a friendly person. I love to talk to anyone! Helping out and giving back when I can is something I’ve always tried to do! This platform of blogging and Instagram has given me that chance to do all of these things. I want to say thank you!! Thank you for following me and giving me the opportunity to do these things that I love doing!!!

Like aways I look forward to seeing how this will grow!!!

Ya’ll I’m so excited to announce that I have been accepted into the program!! You can now shop my looks on my Instagram posts!!

You can find my page here at

I hope you sign up, IT’S FREE, and give me a follow!!! I hope you you find it easy to shop my looks and finds!!

Happy shopping!!! Can’t you tell I’m excited!!!!!!

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