My First Blog Post

My First Blog Post

Why I started this Blog!

For my first official blog post I thought I would write about why I’m doing this in the first place.  Lets go back a little way, after having my son I felt lost.  Even though all I’ve ever wanted in life was to be a mom it wasn’t an easy task for me.  It was six years of struggles, lots of medians and shots, a miscarriage, depression, finding my way back to God, more medians and shots, and finally it was time to see a specialist.  But before we could even call them God had other plans and blessed us with Connor.  Of Couse I put all I had into a healthy pregnancy, labor and being a nursing mom.  I stayed home with Connor for the first 6 months then when back to work part time while still nursing him.  Which isn’t a big deal lots of moms do it.  Once he was a year old and we stopped nursing I really did feel lost.  I had put so much of my time into work and being a mom that I forgot to take time for myself.  So, for my New Year’s goal I was going to take care of myself a little more.  I started getting my nails done, doing my make up more, finally went and brought myself new clothes that wasn’t pregnancy or nursing friendly. I just got back to feeling a little more like me.

Like most people these days that have Instagram or any other foam of social media, I would get lost in the world of videos that others posted.  Watching different stories just kind of became my thing to do while soaking in the tub after I would put Connor down for the night. I started following other bloggers and seeing what they were doing. 

As I watch these, I thought maybe I could do that.  Give another mom feeling down and lost the courage to take a step out of her comforted zone and do something for herself too.

I made myself a “blogger” Instagram page. (even though I didn’t have a real blog at the time or ever thought about doing it) My Instagram is linked on the home page. Please go check it out and follow me. (

I started posting what makeup I brought new, about different home items I would buy, like my new vacuum, a clean-up spray that I had tried and liked.  Then I posted my first story about my curling iron I have (the Beachwaver S1 – ) and I had a lady message me about it. She started asking me questions about it and my hair type. She even sent me an update and let me know she brought the same one because of me and she loves it. She was so nice and thankful. I felt like what I was doing was helping at least one person. It gave me the push to keep at it. I started posting about different things I found on sale. I would post when I was trying on new clothes.  If I was out shopping and I seen something cute or on sale I would do a story.  Then I began just jumping on to say hey and what’s going on this week.  My page is still new and doesn’t have many followers right now but it’s growing every day.  It’s really been very fun.  But with Instagram you can only post in the comment section so much and sometimes I felt like I could have explained more.  Posting super long stories about a subject sometimes felt like I was taking away from it.

 I’m hoping that I can go into more details on here at least a few times a month.  I want to be able to really talk about what products I’ve used or how much I paid for something.  If I do a small craft or gift bag, I want to have a place where others can go to see what I did and what I used to do it.  When we start redoing things in our home I can link where we got things, what colors we are using, and just some helpful tips to get though the stress of it all.  I want to maybe be that one person whose story to have a family gives another the courage to keep going. To the mom that hasn’t felt like herself in years, I want to be the one to show her that maybe just a little time to herself is what she needs to get through it.  If I found a really good trick on how to do something, I want to help the next mom find it too. My goal is to just help and have fun.

I hope this doesn’t seem like a lot and hasn’t scared you off on my very first post.  Thank you very much for taking time out of your day to read this. I hope that it helps someone know that can do something for themselves too.  Lots of love!! 

2 thoughts on “My First Blog Post

  1. My sweet, sweet Kendra. I’m so proud of you girl. I know life has sort of, driven us in different directions but I still love you to death and will always consider you family. I’ll be reading all of your blog posts and checking in on ya. Love ya girl!


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