Y’all I am over the MOON EXCITED to announce that I will now be working with Beachwaver Co. You can use my code: KENDRAWAVE at check out to save 10%.

If you haven’t heard of them you are missing out. They sale the best curling iron (personal and pro), styling iron, hair care, bushes, accessories, and lots more.

I love my S1 curling iron!! It the best hair tool I have ever used. I have super Thick Fine Hair! Yes you read that right, my hair is both thick and fine at the same time. Curls usually never hold. But not when I use my beachwaver, my curls last of days.

Its so easy to use as well!! I hated curling my hair with a normal iron and the wands was not for me at all. I would always go the wrong way and have this weird flip thing on the end of my hair. Not with my S1 you just clip the end of your hair and press the arrow pointing away from your face. Unclip and hit the home button then repeat all over your hair. See super easy!!! They are lot of barrel sizes to fit every hair length and style. They offer Certified Open Box Beachwaver at a discounted price. When a Beachwaver iron is returned, they open each box and each iron passes a quality assurance inspection. The irons may be cosmetically imperfect, but are certified good as new!  You can’t bet that!!

Go check them out. I promise you will love them!!

This blog post contains affiliate links.

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