Loopy Cases Code

Loopy Cases Code

Tired of always dropping your phone case? It’s time to StoptheDrop!

Y’all I’ve been talking with Loopy Cases and I got a discount code for y’all to save on the best case I have found!!!

You can now use my code: southernmama10 at check out to save 10%!!!!

If you have seen my posts on Instagram, you’ve only seen one type of case on my phone and its the Loopy Case! You’ve even seen it on my Christmas gift guide list!! So you know if I am telling you about it, it’s because I use it and I LOVE it!!!

I first seen the Loopy Case on Facebook and Instagram as a sponsored ad. The designs on the cases were so cute, must better then the plain case that was on my phone at the time. So I checked out their site and found one that I loved. I even found a discount code at that time too!!

Well once it came in I was HOOKED. The adjustable loop was so much easier than the PopSocket I was using. I placed a second order not long after that!! I would go change them out often!!

When I got my new phone the first thing I did was place a preorder for a new Loopy Case to fit!! I was lost without it while I was waiting!! I had loved the Blossom so much that I got the same design!

Now that the Camo design has came out, I think its time for me to order me a second case!! You know your girl loves her camo!! It will be the perfect case to use when I’m in the stand hunting or in the boat fishing!!

But really y’all know I try to be as honest as I can about a product I recommend to y’all! These cases really are the best. I can slide the loop through my wallet strap and not have to have so much in my hands. Being a mom I need my hands free as much as posiblabe. Yes, it does fit in my pocket with the loop! The loop is adjustable to fit you. Yes, you can buy and change out the loops to different colors. Yes, the case is shock absorbers! Yes you can us it one handed. No, the loop does not block the camera.

So treat yourself and get you, your husband, your best friend, your kid, and anyone this case. They make great gifts!! I promise you you will love it!!! Use my Code: southernmama10 to save 10% at check out!!!

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