Giving Back – Blessed

Giving Back – Blessed

I have found yet another reason I love blogging and doing my Instagram!!!

When I reach 1000 followers I did a second Thank You Giveaway!! The winner was so excited! It helped to brighten her day while going thought the same thing most of us are going through. It filled my heart to give back. As soon as that was done I teamed up with six other mamas to offer a $200 cash giveaway! I was so happy to team with Lauren, Paige, Tessa, Sara, Jordan and Robin. We just wanted to give our followers some hope and a little help with whatever she needed. We announced the lucky winner and she was over the moon.

This is why we did this!! We wanted to give back, to help out in this tough time. I am very much looking forward to do more give aways like that!! It doesn’t matter if it $50 or $200 every small amount of kindness will help brighten someones day!!

I’ve never really do what I wanted to do in life besides being a mom! I’ve always been a friendly person. I love to talk to anyone! Helping out and giving back when I can is something I’ve always tried to do! This platform of blogging and Instagram has given me that chance to do all of these things. I want to say thank you!! Thank you for following me and giving me the opportunity to do these things that I love doing!!!

Like aways I look forward to seeing how this will grow!!!

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