Swimsuit TryOn

Swimsuit TryOn

I totally stepped out of my comfort zone today and did a swimsuit TryOn! I was super nervous the whole time! But I am proud that I did it. I have never been one to “show off” my body. Yes I know I am a small person, but I am just like every other woman out there! I have things about my body that I just don’t like. I could list them out but I won’t. Just know that I wasn’t 100 % sure if I was going to post a TryOn with swimsuits. I went back and forth about it.

The last few years I have been trying to find a one piece swimsuit that wasn’t for a child or for an old lady. You know how hard it was for me to find a some that I liked? What’s been even harder than finding a one piece, has been trying to find a two piece that I like as well. It’s been years scene I brought a new swim suit! And I wasn’t so sure about some of these new styles. I’ve said it before about how I am a hands on shopper. When it comes to clothes I would so much rather try them on. But right now that’s just not an option! So I made do. I read review after review on the two boutiques that I finally chose to order from. I will say I am very happy with the look of the two one pieces and the one two piece I did find.

You can shop all three looks at my Liketoknow.it page.

I have to say that the Black one piece is my Favorite one I got. I feel so good in it! The cut outs give it just the right amount of sexy. It also comes in red.

I knew when I started doing TryOns and sharing them to my Instagram I would most like have to do a swimsuit TryOn. It was something I was very scared about. But after talking about it on stories and seeing the support I had from my followers it really helped me to want to share it! I hope that someone reads this and see how nerve I was and how I over came my fear. I hope that helps them over come something they have been scared to do!!

I curled my hair using my Beachwaver Pro1.25 – use code: KendraWave to save 10% on your order.

Loopycase – Use code: Southernmama10 to save 10% on your order.

Shop the Mint – quick link to the shop I got the two piece from!

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