I’m still in shock!!

I’m still in shock!!

Y’all so today I found out that I was featured in an e-mail!! Y’all and not just any e-mail but the Beachwaver e-mail (Tuesday Tips) !!

If you are a subscriber to their e-mail then you may have seen it!! Y’all I am over the moon about this!! I’m so very thankful that they used my clip!! I can’t even believe it!! I didn’t even know about it until someone told me!!

Y’all know I LOVE LOVE LOVE my curling irons and I talk all the time about how amazing it is. When I became an ambassador with them I started to get some of their hair care products. They have so much!! Dry shampoo, beach spray, heat protection hair spray, 3 different types of shampoos and conditioners. Y’all I love it all. I’m not just saying it I truly mean it!! It all smells amazing and it’s all vegan!! The dry shampoo doesn’t leave white flacks in my hair like some dry shampoos do!! They even have brushes and so many different other things!

Their beach spray is amazing too!! Gives you that just from the beach feel even though we are stuck at home!! Y’all and it smells amazing!!!

I’ve been working so very hard to grow my instagram and my blog. This just shows that it’s paying off. I LOVE what I do. I get to connect with other mamas and bloggers from all over!! I’ve made friends that support me and I support them!! We even have a few of us that can’t wait to meet up in person!! I love sharing products that I love. I love sharing my family and our life with you!! Thank you all for the support.

Again THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Beachwaver for featuring me and showing support!! I’m Beyond grateful and blessed to work with an amazing company!!

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