Pre – Orders are LIVE now for the first ever, limited edition PINK SUNSET B Series Beachwaver!!!! Only $89 plus get 20% off when you pre-order!!!  Save an EXTRA 10% with my code: KendraWave 💓 Just click here to grab yours now!!!

This limited quantity, gorgeous design will ship 9/14 so grabs your now ✨ The Beachwaver® B1 Pink Sunset is the debut rotating curling iron of the new B-Series collection! The B-Series collection is designed to include the core functions of the classic Beachwaver S-Series.

There are two arrow buttons designed for ease, simple left/right speed rotation will make curling a breeze, which creates a lightweight design!

One button design for power and temperature setting.

Low: 290° F (150° C)
Medium: 350°F (180°C)
High: 410° F (210° C)

The limited edition iron also has a custom ombré design inspired by our Make Waves haircare collection! This is just the first design of many new limited editions to come!

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