Christmas Trees From Lowes

Christmas Trees From Lowes

I’ve had my Christmas Tree from Lowes for 11 years now. I love it!! It’s so pretty!!! Last year the white lights finally went out like a week before Christmas. So like a normal person I took everything off to it and cut the lights off of the tree! I use normal as a joke because that was not an easy job to do. I then added new colored lights and re-decorated the whole tree once again!!

What do you guys think of this years Fun Family Tree?

I was going to get a new one this year but I impatient and just used my same one. of course after I had it all up and decorated I went to Lowe’s and looked at all the Tress they had in stock. Y’all they have some beautiful trees this year!

I’ve link up some of my favorites that I found! I did different sizes and styles. Some of my favorites are the flocked ones! Just Click Here and it will bring you right to my where you can shop faster!

I personal like Lowe’s because I find they keep a larger stock of their items. They had a lot of these trees in my local Lowe’s. All are available online and can be shipped to your local store or to your house.

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