I’m the worst

I’m the worst

Omg it’s really the last week of September and I’m just now posting a new blog post 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ see I’m the worst!! I say all the time in my Instagram stories how I’m the worst blogger ever hahaha. But really y’all I’m the worst at writing or taking notes. And even worst at taking pictures when I’m in the moment.

A lot has happened this year! Mardi Gras, camping, end of school, summer fun, brunches, fashion show, back to school, granny’s day out, my birthday, Connor’s 5th birthday and soccer. It’s been a busy and fun 2022! And see y’all missed it all here but not over on my Instagram and TikTok hahaha.

Okay but on the real!!! So you know how most people do New Year’s resolutions? Well I don’t do that. But I do try to make a goal or change something when my birthday rolls around in September. And your girl turned 35 on the 8th!! That’s right I’m half way through my 30s. Side note my 30s have been the best years of my life!!! I became a mom in 30s. I found my self love in 30s and I started doing what I love and never through I would do in a million years. Yes that’s right I’m talking about this blog (that I’m the worst at) and building my tribe on instagram!!

So with all that said I really think I should make my goal for this year to make it a point to post once a month if not more!!! We won’t count this post as my one blog for the mouth of September! I pinky promise that you will get a new post before October. If you follow me on Instagram or TikTok you have already seen what I will write and share able in my next post.

But until then here is a few cute photos of our life so far in 2022!!! I hope you missed me as much as I’ve miss you!!!

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