Goodbye 2019 – Hell0 2020

Goodbye 2019 – Hell0 2020

I cannot believe that it is 2020.  I have so much hope for 2020! 2019 was one of our best years so far.  Connor is growing so fast.  He started school and loves it.  He is learning so much! Raymond started working a schedule again for the first time in forever.  I came into myself big time this year. I can’t believe that I took the jump and started my Instagram and blog! We brought our very first new boat.  There was lots of family time with just the three of us was the best part of all. We got asked the whole year when we were going to have another baby. (Still don’t know if we even want a second baby yet) I had just two goals for 2019 and it was more family time and more me time.  Both goals and more were accomplished!! 

Yes, we did have a few downs but nothing that out weighted that good that we had.  Finding out my mom had a very small amount of skin cancer and her surgery was the worst part of the year.  But we have put it in God’s hands that all is good, and the surgery got all of it.  Losing Abby has been very hard, its weird not having her here by my side.  

I’ve grown into my own skin this year. I love when I get to fix myself up like I call it.  The looks my husband gives me when I do makes me smile even more.  All the try-ons have fun so much fun to do. I even got a few discount codes for all of my amazing follower. (See the Beachwaver and MilaRae posts) I had to remind myself this year that it’s okay to feel good about the things I have and worked for.  I learned to not let others drama and troubles bring me down.  

So, my hopes and plans for 2020.  Of course, it’s to keep up the family time and working and growing for me.  I would love to do a few more family trips.  Even if it’s just to the camp! 

I want to start doing some remodel in my home. I would love to have at least my living room done!! One of my big goals is to pay off bills that we have.  We are getting to the age where we need to start really putting money away.  The biggest and top goal is working more and build up my blog and feed on Instagram.  All of my goals tie into each other.  I put all of my hopes and goals into the hands of God.  He knows what will work for us and our family.  He knows where the road will take us.  

I do have my fears for this coming year.  We live in a town that is highly depended on the oil field.  Raymond’s job most of the time is oil field based.  So, with that going the way it has been for a few years we worry about it all the time.  We are lucky to know that with his license we could move anywhere around water and be okay.  But would a new start someplace really be a bad thing?  Is it really a fear? God will only hand us what we can handle.  

I hope that you all step into this new year and new decade with goals and dreams for your life.  Let go of all the bad things from the past and move forward for a better you.  Say goodbye to 2019 and all of the toxic people who pull you down.   Let God into your life and let him guide you to your happy life that is planned for you! 

Have a very happy and blessed 2020 friends!!!

How I rang in my New Year!

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