Beachwaver PR Box

Beachwaver PR Box

Ya’ll I am over the moon excited about working with Beachwaver (if you can’t tell by now)!! Today I received my very first PR Box from them, but not just from them I mean EVER!!!!! I knew I was getting some of the stuff but when I seen that I had two different boxes I was a little lost. To be able to work with a company that I already love is such a blessing. To say I was shocked is an understatement!! Thank you so much Beachwaver! I can not wait to try out the Second Chance Dry Shampoo and the Shubie Surf Beach Spray (texturing)! All items can be purchased at! Save 10% using my code KendraWave!!

You know I will tell you my honest opinion about if I love, like or hate something. The Dry Shampoo and Beach Spray smell just like summer time. And after reading the reviews I’m sure I will love them too. The bows have alligator clips on the back of them so I know they will stay in when I use them in my hair. And this hat couldn’t have came at a better time because we will be having some cold weather here soon! The coffee cup will get used A-LOT because mama LOVES and NEEDS her coffee!!! Now you all know I will feel extra fancy and special getting ready in the mornings with my hot pink silk robe on!!!

  • Beachwaver Winter Hat – Normal $24 — on sale for $14.40
  • Second Chance Dry Shampoo – $26
  • Shubie Surf Beach Spray – $18
  • Velvet Barrette Bows – Sleek Silver & Jet Black (other colors available) Normal $6 — on sale for $3.60
  • Make Waves Coffee Mug – $12
  • Make Waves Robe – Limited Edition – Normal $25 — on sale for $15

Again I just want thank Beachwaver for the opportunity to work with them! I am really excited to see where this will go and I am even more excited for you all to hear first hand how amazing these tools are. If you follow me on Instagram ( you will see that I truly LOVE my S1 Curling Iron. If you are thinking about getting one I’m telling you you will LOVE it!!

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