Happy Birthday Beachwaver

Happy Birthday Beachwaver

Ya’ll Beachwaver is celebrating 8 years (1/21/2020 through 1/28/2020) They are having a huge 30% off sit wide!! Yes 30% OFF!!! (Code: BDAY30) If you have been eyeing one of their amazing curling wands or flat irons then go get it girls!!!

I’ve said it over and over again and I stand behind it too! I LOVE my S1! Its the BEST curling wand out there!! I’ve had it for years now and it’s the only curling wand that holds my curls.

I’ve recently received their Dry Shampoo and Texturing Spray and I’m loving them too!! They have shampoos, braid blum, hair spray, hair brushing and so much more. Check out their sit though the link here (beachwaver.glg9ob.net/kendrawave) and you will automatically save 30% at check out now through January 28, 2020! Code: BDAY30

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