Skin Care!!

Skin Care!!

I’ve been asked a few times what I use for skin care on my face. That’s an easy one!! I used to wash my face with Neutrogena Oil-free Acbe Wash – pink grapefruit foaming scrub, and still do sometimes. After I would use the belief Aqua Bomb cream. That stuff is so awesome it leaves my face feeling so smooth.

But I was total influenced by well just about every other blogger I follow on Instagram. Everyone was talking about this under eye stick and acne spot treament that well was magic lol. So I had to see what they were all talking about. So I looked up Tula and just had to try it.

If you are new to their site/ products, you can take a skin quiz to help you find what will work for you. I ordered one of the anti-aging skin care starter kit, the go away acne spot treatment, the glow and go brightening eye balm, and the face filter blurring & moisturizing flitter primmer.

Y’all I am so hooked!! I loved the small travel sizes to try out!! It something that I will for sure reorder before a trip just to have them for traveling. The eye brightening balm is so good. It cools and depuffs at the same time!! The primmer gives your face a glow that helps your makeup look so much better. The magic in a tube that is the acne spot treatment helps clear up you pimples in a day, you can even wear it under your makeup and it still helps clear!

At Christmas time I took full advanced of the holiday kits and or course one on the discount codes some of my favorite bloggers had. I brought a few of the kits that had the brightening balm and face masks as gifts. For myself I got the 8 piece kit that had all the full size products in it. This kit had the Rose Gold brightening balm in it. Y’all its just as good as the Blue one if not better!! I use the Blue one when I’m not wearing make up and the Rose Gold one when I am wearing makeup.

If you are following me on instagram you have seen me talk about all of these products before!!! I even have it saved in my highlights. So you know I would only be telling you about it if I really do love them!!

They just launched a few new products with more to come in the next month: you just know they are going to be great. I can’t wait to try the Brighten up Smoothing Primer Gel and the Makeup Melt Removing Balm. These two are on my next order for sure!!

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