Connor loves to read!

Connor loves to read!

So last Monday Connor’s school started their Scholastic Book Fair. Why am I telling you about this? Well it’s because my boy loves to read! And to top it off it was Grandparents lunch that day too! So not only did he get to eat lunch with his Granny, Paw, Yaya and his Great-Granny but he got to share his love for books with them. I was told by my mom that all he wanted to look at was the books. If you have ever been to a Scholastic Book Fair you know there is lots of other things there besides books! But my sweet boy just wanted to read!!!

Do you remember the Book Fair? I know I do. I’m glad to see that they are still going to the schools to bring the joy of reading to kids!!

Watching Connor get excited over all his new books when he got home from school made my day that day!! He was telling me what each book was. It’s crazy how smart he is at 2 that he can look at these and tell me who/what they are. When I’m reading to him he points and helps outs!

Do you love to read to your little ones? Do they enjoy the books as much as you do? Can they point out the different things in the book when you ask them a question?

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