Deep Dive Sale – Beachwaver!!

Deep Dive Sale – Beachwaver!!

Ya’ll know I love my S1 Beachwaver Curling Iron! That’s nothing new right, so when I heard about the Deep Dive Sale I jumped on it and picked up a few new styling tools!!

Say Hello to all of these beauties!! As you can see I brought four new tools. One isn’t for me but I had to show ya’ll.

So what is the Deep Dive Sale? Its a sale on all of their second chance irons. This sale only happens 1-2x per year!! Y’all they are 50-70% off!! And when you use my code it take an extra 10% off at check out!!! (Use code: KendraWave) So hurry check them out NOW!!! The iron/packaging may be cosmetically imperfect, but each one is hand-inspected and certified as good as new. The sale will be available until supplies last – which will go fast! Trust me you do NOT want to miss out on this deal!! Just click HERE and it will take you right to their sale page!!

So I did an unboxing on my stories on Instagram which is now saved in my highlights, that shows the “damage” to my tools. Ya’ll the only “damage” I had was a scuff on the S.75 and some of the boxes/packaging had some damage. So I brand new tools for cheap. Below I’m listing what tool I got, the regular price and then the Deep Dive price! Ya’ll these prices are awesome!!

  • The S1 & S.75 are priced at $99.00 – Deep Dive Price $49.00
  • Pro Line 1.25 is priced at $149.00 – Deep Dice Price $89.00
  • Pro Titanium Styling Tool is priced at $139.00 – Deep Dive Price $49.00
  • It’s not just the tools. They are have their hair spray, dry shampoo, brushes, and a few other things on the sale too!!

I tried out the Straightener already and I’m telling you I’ve only had my hair that straight after I left the hair salon. It was so smooth! I can’t wait to use that blow out clips with it soon. I’m glad I got the Pro and was able to control the temperature. Speaking for temperature control. The Pro 1.25 curling iron I got worked so good in my hair. I love the look of the looser waves it gave me then my S1. Don’t get me wrong I love my S1 and I will still use it when I want the tighter curls for sure!!

If you have been wanting to get you a Beachwaver but maybe funds are a little low, now is the time to get you one!! I promise you you will love it!! Let me know how you like using your Beachwaver!!!

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