Ride Day 2020

Ride Day 2020

If you know me you know Mardi Gras is my favorite time of year!! It’s so much fun!! I truly love our small town Mardi Gras in Morgan City, LA! The parades aren’t too long and are very family friendly. But I grow up going to Houma, LA parades with all of my family there. Houma is about a 45 minute drive from Morgan City. My grandpa rode with the Krewe of Hercules, my Grandma rode with a few of the women’s krewes. At one time my Mom, Nanny, and Aunt all rode with the Krewe of Aquarius. As you can tell its in my blood. I can remember being in the back of my grandpa’s truck watching all the people having fun. My favorite women krewe to watch was the Krewe of Cleopatra. So when I was ready I know where and who I wants to ride with.

So here I am just got finished with my 9th year riding with my wonderful Dilligaf float sisters and the Krewe of Cleopatra. “Cleopatra’s Childhood Memories” – our float theme this year was Iron Man. So here is a little run down of how our day goes for those who don’t know or not from here!

First off the day before we ride we load our float. Now every year it’s a different time, but we have to be there at lest 30 minutes before we are to load. That in itself it a show lol. Sometimes it goes great others not so well. By the time I get home its time to make sure everything I need for the next day is packed and ready. I get my backpack ready with: my cup for my drink, I try to make sure I have snacks, battery charger for my phone, fanny pack with my wallet in it, knee brace just in case, rain coat, and any special makeup or glitter. Every year is different depending on our theme and weather. Then I pack my bucket ice chest with water and whatever I will be drinking the next day. I always wait till the morning to add the ice.

I am usually up at 4:30 am to get myself all dressed and ready to go by 6:15 am. We have to meet the party bus by 7am to load up and head over to eat breakfast with the rest of our Krewe. We take a group picture then hit the breakfast bar to eat. Around 8:15 we are back on the bus and off to having a fun filled day. This means bars, bars, and more bars. Don’t get me wrong we do go see our family and then we have lunch. Then it’s back to riding around and having a great time. Some of our ladies like the bars and others just like to ride around so we try and do both. Those that want to party at the bar can and those that don’t go ride around. There is lots of laughing, dancing, and making memories. Our last stop before we head to the floats to load up is a Diaquire shop not far from the mall. Its a big party where just about every float stops. Around 4:30 we are back on the bus heading to our float.

Once on the float we start unpacking and hanging up out throws. This year for me it meant that I took a nap. Your girl had too much fun that day. But after I woke up I got all my stuff together and was ready to ride. Our parade starts at 6:30 in the evening. So if you do that math its about 11 hours of pre-parting before we hit the streets of Houma.

Once the parade starts it all just blurs together. There is lots of people yelling and having a great time. Some years we are very lucky and have a beautiful day and nights. Some years it’s cold, some it’s raining, and some it’s both. But it is always fun!!! I try and catch as many people as I can. I love when I see my family on the route! Ya’ll its really a great time!! Like most things the time we end just depends on so many things: the weather, break downs, how many bands we have, how long the toast is, and so many other different things. Once we are done its time to unload our trash and bags. If we still have extra stuff you just have to take it with you.

This year Alex and I was smart and got a hotel room right by where we unload! So it didn’t take us long to get ready for bed at all and then just pass out for the night!!!

It’s always fun to look back at the pictures and videos we have in our phones the next day. Some will never see social media hahaha. It has become our things to all check in with each other the next day. I hear all the time about how our krewe is the one that throws the most!!!

Mardi Gras isn’t for everyone I know that. There will always be someone that isn’t happy about something. People will have options on everything and that’s okay. Some love going to the big parades in New Orleans while others like the small town fun! Mardi Gras is a time for fun that’s for sure!!! Just remember to be kind and have a great time!!!

Can’t wait to see what our theme for next year will be and how it will all play out!!

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