Making the best of this crazy Situation!

Making the best of this crazy Situation!

Just like everyone one else we are doing our best to keep our family, community, and county as safe as we can. We are trying to not overreact. But we are taking things very seriously. Cleaning around the house and washing our hands as much as we can!!

Raymond was home when this all first started. I learned after 13 years of being with him that he is a nut hahaha. Not really but when he heard that schools was going to close and that things were about to get a little crazy he went out and make sure we had food! He didn’t buy the store out of toilet paper, paper towels, or lysol but your girl got water and rice!! Connor and I are very well stocked up and taken care of! We are very lucky to have him!!

Now that he is on the boat it’s going to be even harder. I am going to do my best. As most of ya’ll know I don’t work on Fridays so today was my “first day of quarantine.” I’m used to it being just Connor and I on the weekends all day anyway so today was really just the same!! The next few weeks will be the test. I have to fine the best way to still work and make sure Connor is cared for. Why am I not staying home? We’ll I’m lucky enough to have a job that its only a few of us there, and we don’t have lots of people in there at a time. So I can still work. Plus I’ve been in the mechanic shop more learning new things. We have seen a slow down in work but our commercial cutters are still out working and using their equipment. More people are doing yard work right now so there is that. I am keeping busy there!

Keeping my family healthy is the most important thing! So that means making sure Connor isn’t somewheres with a lot of kids or people. When I do have to go to the store I try and have someone watch him or I do pick up as much as I can. I’m not the only one in the boat, the other mom that works in the office is dealing with the same things as me. So she and I will work together taking turns watching the kids and working. Half days are going to be our new normal for a while.

We pray that all of this will end soon so that we can get back to our normal day to days. I am already missing my church family. Connor is a lost without his school friends. With Easter coming soon we are missing out on our family time. So please try and do the best you can to help keep this from spreading even more.

A few things I have planned to do while we are on this stuck at home time!!

  • Work with Connor on his ABCs
  • Work on potty training
  • Art time
  • Find the best app to sale some things on – mostly clothes and shoes
  • Paint the office and guest room
  • Get the pool ready
  • Boat time – when Raymond is home
  • Repaint my mirror
  • Try to not shop and spend so much money (hahaha yeah right)
  • Finally do my 1000 follower giveaway on Instagram
  • Blog more

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