My Dollar Tree Finds!!

My Dollar Tree Finds!!

With there being no school for possibly the rest of the school year (see all the parents looking stressed and crazy.) I know Connor is only 2 1/2 years old and just in pre-k 2 but he is learning sooo much. This is why we choose to send him to school so young. It was either day care where he would have been playing most of the day or school where he will be learning. I’m loving how much he loves his school. I’m blown away everyday when I see how much he is retaining.

So what does any of this have to do with my Dollar Tree fines? Well a lot! I went in yesterday to get a few bottles of Awesome (this stuff cleans everything.) So I went to find a few coloring books, crafts and other things for Connor to do the next few days and I was shocked by all of the learning things they had.

Learning workbooks in different grade levels: shapes, letters, colors, words, numbers. Flashcards for his age group:alphabet, color and shapes. I also seen a lot of other educational things there. If you are a teacher and you didn’t know about the educational things they are please go check it out! I seen lots of thing that would be great for classrooms

The craft selection was so nice too. Lots of color books and drawing paper. I even found Crayola Brand colors. The little green carrier is perfect for his colors and markets. Sidewalk chalk, bubbles, play dough, paints, aprons, stickers and other craft stuff!!

Best part is its all only $1 each!!! You can’t beat that!! We have already gotten in to the chalk and starter coloring. I can’t wait to work in the workbooks with him. He will have so much fun with that modeling clay I’m sure of it!! The fact that they have Disney theme things too are great because he knows who they are!! While I’m typing this he sees the picture and started to name the ones he knew which is all of them!!

If you get the chance to get out and need to pickup a few things for your little ones to do while out of school. Go by your local Dollar Tree and save on learning and fun crafts!

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