Easter Basket Ideas

Easter Basket Ideas

With Easter coming up parents and grandparents are usually out shopping for the all the candy, outside toys and new clothes for our little ones’ Easter Baskets. With most states in a Stay Home order this years shopping will be different for a lot of us. I know for me I’m more of a hands on shopper. I like to the stores but that is just me! I like to look at all the different clothes and toys. But I guess that’s not going to happen this year. So Its online shopping for me!

What are some of things you like to put in your kids’ baskets? Is there something that you put every year? Do you just like to put candy or no candy at all? I’ve only been able to play Easter Bunny for a few years now but I have made baskets/ buckets for my nieces! The last two Easters for Connor hasn’t been much because he was only 7 months old for his first and last year he could have cared less! But this year I know he’ll be excited. So I’m going to make a list and share a few links of a few things I’m getting him and a few other things!

I’m thinking this year he will be getting some sand toys for his sand box he is getting and for when we go in the boat to the sandbars. I also want to get him more craft/ coloring things. Of course he HAS to have a chocolate bunny! What’s your favorite bunnies to get?

  1. Crayola Wonder Pages Mess Free Coloring, Gift for Kids – There is lots of different themes for these. Both for girls and boys. I’ve gotten these for my nieces in the past. I made sure to get Connor one for this year.
  2. Bunch O Balloons – I love to get things for spring/summer for Easter and these fast fill water balloons are so much fun. I mean who doesn’t love a good water ballon fight!
  3. Easter Egg Shaped Sidewalk Chalk – Every kid loves to draw and color with sidewalk chalk. These fun egg shaped ones add that special Easter touch to their baskets.
  4. Beach Sand Toy – Most of us plan trips to the beach for spring or summer. Some even are lucky enough to live near on! These are perfect for those trips. Plus it comes with the storage bag too!
  5. Kinetic Sand Kit – These look like so much fun! And they have different color refills you can always tell the grandparents to get haha!
  6. Kiddie Golf Club Set – I’ve been seeing these around and have been wanting to get Connor on! I think they are so cute and something fun to do outside or even inside if you have the room.
  7. Bubble Machine – All little ones LOVE to chase bubbles! This one is super cool. Its not just bundles but music and it lights up! Yes please. Bounce its a Dinosaur too!!
  8. Water & Sand Table – This will be Connor’s main Easter gift this year. Water & sand in the same place what could go wrong right lol. I the table that way he isn’t at lest sitting it in! It even comes with the umbrella!!
  9. Finger Paints and Paper – Let them make art! You never know one day it make be worth millions, but to you it will always mean the world.
  10. Water Sprinklers – This are the best ways to cool off and maybe even water the lawn at the same time!!

To all the Moms that has been doing thing for a while please let me know if there is something I am missing that is a must for his basket! Here is a few of the other things that might be in his basket that I won’t link!

  1. New toothbrush
  2. Play clothes – shorts and shirts
  3. New summer shoes – sandals/ flipflops
  4. A few new pool toys
  5. Some Cars cars

I hope this helps out for a few of you!! I’m looking forward to all of this Coronavirus stuff to be behind us very soon. I’m ready to be back to our normal lives. I miss being able to just go shopping because I want too hahaha. But really we are staying home and I’m praying for our community, state, country and world.

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