It may seem small to us!

It may seem small to us!

Help us donate!! When ever you make a purchase with Beachwaver you can help out. When a you place an item in your cart, you’ll be prompted to donate $2 for a Wrap-Up, which our team will then donate to local hospitals.

The Wrap Up® is made with a soft flexible foam outside and a bendable wire on the inside that provides easy styles in seconds. It bends, molds and forms to create endless looks such as a Top Knot, Chignon, French Twist, Faux Bob and many more! Even use multiples to set your hair at night to get soft waves when you wake up. Available in three colors (Black, Blonde, and Brown)

This is just one reason why I love working with Beachwaver! Donating a way to keep a nurse’s or doctor’s hair out of their face will make their job just a little easier! It may seen like a small thing to us but to those amazing ladies (even men with long hair) it make just be what makes their day!!

Shipping is free with any order over $25 right now too!!! Don’t forget that all of their hair care line is on sale right now! Just $10 for select hair care products – including shampoos and conditioners!! Remember you can use my code: KendraWave to save 10% on your order!

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