These Jeans are a MUST Have

These Jeans are a MUST Have

Today on my Instagram I shared the last of my Shop the Mint haul and I didn’t realize I had saved the best for last but yall I did. These flared jeans and flowie tops are sooo good! Yall these jeans are so good! I love the fit of them and how flatting they are on!! I really feel like I was alive in the 70s and was a total Janis Joplin! I’m total here for them!! Its the same jeans in all three looks! I will say they are very longs in the legs. I’m wearing some really high platform heels with these. I’ll add the link to some that are similar to the ones I have on.

These are the same Top Moda shoe but a didn’t style – mine look very similar to these!!

You can shop all these through the links that are highlighted or through my page!!

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