Camp Week 4

Camp Week 4

Y’all I know I’m so late with our camp updates! I’m so sorry! Raymond has been working so hard! The last few times he has been home! I’m going to give y’all the run down for week 4, August 6 -12!

August 7

Was Connor’s first day of school. After dropping him off we went to Lowe’s and bought the 2x12x16 middle beam for the roof framing and all the 2x6x8s for the rafters, 8 sheets of 1/2” plywood for roof sheeting, two rolls of 30lb felt paper and the hardware to put this all together. Raymond was able to cut and install the center beam and start to cut all the smaller rapers. That was also the day we lost our Lucy.

August 8th

A much needed family and sandbar day. It wasn’t the same without our girl but we shared funny stories of her, everyone loved her so much. She really was the best dog!

August 9th

Started by first installing the 2×12 standing up & down in the middle of the wall framing. Then made one template out of one of the 2x6s. He then went and cut every rafter angle needed. Placed all the rafters from one end to the other spaced 24” apart. Also installed dead wood between each rafter to close the eaves in. 

August 10th

Next was laying the roofs plywood sheeting down and screwing it down. Then the felt paper down with plastic washer roofing nails (only nails used in this project so far).  We then wrapped the whole camp with house wrap vapor barrier on the walls. That night we went to TWO different Lowe’s bought 18 sheets of t1-11. YES I said two lol.

August 11th

Very busy day!! Started by installing the two windows then installed the siding all screwed with deck screws. The door frame was cut out once the siding was installed.  He then had to cut the metal roofing down from 12’ lengths to 8 foot 6 inches, then installed them with sheet metal screws and the ridge cap. He wanted to make sure that the tin was on the roof because it had rained and water was getting into the camp. We wanted to try and keep out all water! Before he left he screwed a piece of plywood over the door way so nothing or no-one would go in there.

Thank goodness he was about to get that done because while he was on the boat we had not one but two different hurricanes in the gulf that they said was going to head right to us. Thankful the first storm dissipated into nothing, but the second storm which turned into Hurricane Laura and hit as a Category 4 missed our area but hit Lake Charles, LA and causing major damage.

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