Comfy Vici Try-on

Comfy Vici Try-on

Y’all know I love my Vici!!! Its been a little while scene the last time I was able to order. So when this collection was released and I seen all these amazing fines I went a little crazy lol. Head on over to my Instagram to see the saved highlights from this Try on!!

This whole try on was super comfy and casual!! Yall just about every top is sooooo soft!!! You will love it all!! I want to note that this is the first time I order or wear a bodysuit. Also I normal only shop for shorts in store because I like to try them on and make sure they are long enough. I’m not one for shorts so short that my butt is showing. And I broke down and brought a tie die shirt too lol. I know some of the prices may seem high but you can always use the 20% off code Vici usually has or you can find some of the bloggers that work with him and get their codes!

HAPPY TOGETHER SHORT SLEEVE BODYSUIT – BLACK – $34 — I’m wearing small. I also got it inWhite too. — they are both sold out right now but you can sign up for e-mails for when they are restocked!!

ANAHEIM POCKETED JOGGERS – KHAKI – $38 — I’m wearing a small – only larger are in stock right now but you can sign up for emails when they are restocked in your size.

ANAHEIM POCKETED JOGGERS – CAMEL – $38 — Wearing a Small. These are sold out right now but you can sign up for e-mails for when they are restocked!!

LIKE IT OR LEAVE IT TANK – SMOKE GREEN – $18 — Wearing a Small – Comes in a pink color too – This is the softest top I have even worn. They are both sold out right now but you can sign up for e-mails for when they are restocked.

PAULINA KNOTTED TANK – SAGE – $28 – Wearing a Small – Comes in Ivory and Black. — This top is just as soft as the other one!! They are all sold out right now but you can sign up for e-mails for when they are restocked.

HAZEL HIGH RISE DISTRESSED DENIM SHORTS – $48 – Wearing an Extra Small – Sold out in the medium but all other sizes are in stock right now!

1776 ROCK N ROLL TEE – $38 – Wearing a Small – super soft!! This is sold out right now but you can sign up for e-mails for when they are restocked!!

FEELIN’ FINE IN ‘79 COTTON BLEND TEE – $34 – Wearing a small. Instock in all sizes!!! This is so me!!

JAKE HIGH RISE CUFFED DENIM SHORTS – $44 – Wearing an Extra Small. Only extra smalls in stock but you can sign up for emails for when the other sizes are back instock.

HOPSCOTCH TIE DYE RUFFLE TEE – $38 – Wearing a Small. This is sold out right now but you can sign up for e-mails for when they are restocked!!

I know a lot of things are sold out, and that’s because well VICI is awesome lol. But when you sign up for the restock emails and get them. A lot of the time you will get the pre-order email first!! Its worth it I promise you!!

Sorry for the socks lol I was not wearing shoes today for anything lol I cut myself shaving. Its right on my ankle so I didn’t want to have shoes rubbing on it at all. Also this is way I’m so white lol I was planning on self tanning this morning but with the cut on my ankle I decided to wait.

Giving Back – Blessed

Giving Back – Blessed

I have found yet another reason I love blogging and doing my Instagram!!!

When I reach 1000 followers I did a second Thank You Giveaway!! The winner was so excited! It helped to brighten her day while going thought the same thing most of us are going through. It filled my heart to give back. As soon as that was done I teamed up with six other mamas to offer a $200 cash giveaway! I was so happy to team with Lauren, Paige, Tessa, Sara, Jordan and Robin. We just wanted to give our followers some hope and a little help with whatever she needed. We announced the lucky winner and she was over the moon.

This is why we did this!! We wanted to give back, to help out in this tough time. I am very much looking forward to do more give aways like that!! It doesn’t matter if it $50 or $200 every small amount of kindness will help brighten someones day!!

I’ve never really do what I wanted to do in life besides being a mom! I’ve always been a friendly person. I love to talk to anyone! Helping out and giving back when I can is something I’ve always tried to do! This platform of blogging and Instagram has given me that chance to do all of these things. I want to say thank you!! Thank you for following me and giving me the opportunity to do these things that I love doing!!!

Like aways I look forward to seeing how this will grow!!!

Ya’ll I’m so excited to announce that I have been accepted into the program!! You can now shop my looks on my Instagram posts!!

You can find my page here at

I hope you sign up, IT’S FREE, and give me a follow!!! I hope you you find it easy to shop my looks and finds!!

Happy shopping!!! Can’t you tell I’m excited!!!!!!

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Thank You Giveaway is live

Thank You Giveaway is live

I am so very thankful for all of my followers: here, Facebook, and Instagram!!! I have hit my most recent goal on Instagram!! 1000 followers!!! I am over the moon with excitement!! As a way to say thank you I am doing giveaway on my Instagram page! It’s very easy to enter!! Just follow me on instagram and that’s one entry. Want more chances to win? You can find the giveaway post on my news feed: like it, tag as many friends you want (each friend is one entry), share my post either on your feed or on your stories, slide the bar in my stories!! So that’s 5 different ways to enter!!!!

So now you know how to enter, how about I tell you what you could win!! One lucky winner will get $50.00 (PayPal, Venmo, or gift card) and 3 Beachwaver products: 1- Shubie Surf Beach Spray 1- Second Chance Dry Shampoo 1- Great Barrier Heat Protectant Hairspray!!

I want to thank Beachwaver for helping me out with this giveaway! This is not a sponsored giveaway! I am paying for the items and Beachwaver will be shipping them out to the winner!!!

Good luck to all who enter!! Thank You for helping me grow! I am loving doing this and hope to keep at it for a long time!!!

Exciting New!!!

Exciting New!!!

Did you happen to notice the new way my address is up top? If not then let me type it out for you!!! Yes that is right I have a .com!!!! I am so excited about this!! I have really been loving writing my blogs about the different products I try, the great deals I find, or the latest things I buy!! I am loving getting to know all of the mama’s I’ve meet on Instagram! Taking the time to take set up different shots and outfits takes me back to when I was working at the photo lab taking pictures!

I couldn’t do any of this without you! I can’t wait to keep growing!! My 1000 followers on Instagram – Thank You Giveaway will be live soon!! So if you have Instagram please go give me a follow!!!

It may seem small to us!

It may seem small to us!

Help us donate!! When ever you make a purchase with Beachwaver you can help out. When a you place an item in your cart, you’ll be prompted to donate $2 for a Wrap-Up, which our team will then donate to local hospitals.

The Wrap Up® is made with a soft flexible foam outside and a bendable wire on the inside that provides easy styles in seconds. It bends, molds and forms to create endless looks such as a Top Knot, Chignon, French Twist, Faux Bob and many more! Even use multiples to set your hair at night to get soft waves when you wake up. Available in three colors (Black, Blonde, and Brown)

This is just one reason why I love working with Beachwaver! Donating a way to keep a nurse’s or doctor’s hair out of their face will make their job just a little easier! It may seen like a small thing to us but to those amazing ladies (even men with long hair) it make just be what makes their day!!

Shipping is free with any order over $25 right now too!!! Don’t forget that all of their hair care line is on sale right now! Just $10 for select hair care products – including shampoos and conditioners!! Remember you can use my code: KendraWave to save 10% on your order!

Easter Basket Ideas

Easter Basket Ideas

With Easter coming up parents and grandparents are usually out shopping for the all the candy, outside toys and new clothes for our little ones’ Easter Baskets. With most states in a Stay Home order this years shopping will be different for a lot of us. I know for me I’m more of a hands on shopper. I like to the stores but that is just me! I like to look at all the different clothes and toys. But I guess that’s not going to happen this year. So Its online shopping for me!

What are some of things you like to put in your kids’ baskets? Is there something that you put every year? Do you just like to put candy or no candy at all? I’ve only been able to play Easter Bunny for a few years now but I have made baskets/ buckets for my nieces! The last two Easters for Connor hasn’t been much because he was only 7 months old for his first and last year he could have cared less! But this year I know he’ll be excited. So I’m going to make a list and share a few links of a few things I’m getting him and a few other things!

I’m thinking this year he will be getting some sand toys for his sand box he is getting and for when we go in the boat to the sandbars. I also want to get him more craft/ coloring things. Of course he HAS to have a chocolate bunny! What’s your favorite bunnies to get?

  1. Crayola Wonder Pages Mess Free Coloring, Gift for Kids – There is lots of different themes for these. Both for girls and boys. I’ve gotten these for my nieces in the past. I made sure to get Connor one for this year.
  2. Bunch O Balloons – I love to get things for spring/summer for Easter and these fast fill water balloons are so much fun. I mean who doesn’t love a good water ballon fight!
  3. Easter Egg Shaped Sidewalk Chalk – Every kid loves to draw and color with sidewalk chalk. These fun egg shaped ones add that special Easter touch to their baskets.
  4. Beach Sand Toy – Most of us plan trips to the beach for spring or summer. Some even are lucky enough to live near on! These are perfect for those trips. Plus it comes with the storage bag too!
  5. Kinetic Sand Kit – These look like so much fun! And they have different color refills you can always tell the grandparents to get haha!
  6. Kiddie Golf Club Set – I’ve been seeing these around and have been wanting to get Connor on! I think they are so cute and something fun to do outside or even inside if you have the room.
  7. Bubble Machine – All little ones LOVE to chase bubbles! This one is super cool. Its not just bundles but music and it lights up! Yes please. Bounce its a Dinosaur too!!
  8. Water & Sand Table – This will be Connor’s main Easter gift this year. Water & sand in the same place what could go wrong right lol. I the table that way he isn’t at lest sitting it in! It even comes with the umbrella!!
  9. Finger Paints and Paper – Let them make art! You never know one day it make be worth millions, but to you it will always mean the world.
  10. Water Sprinklers – This are the best ways to cool off and maybe even water the lawn at the same time!!

To all the Moms that has been doing thing for a while please let me know if there is something I am missing that is a must for his basket! Here is a few of the other things that might be in his basket that I won’t link!

  1. New toothbrush
  2. Play clothes – shorts and shirts
  3. New summer shoes – sandals/ flipflops
  4. A few new pool toys
  5. Some Cars cars

I hope this helps out for a few of you!! I’m looking forward to all of this Coronavirus stuff to be behind us very soon. I’m ready to be back to our normal lives. I miss being able to just go shopping because I want too hahaha. But really we are staying home and I’m praying for our community, state, country and world.

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Last chance for Beachwaver Deep Dive Sale

Last chance for Beachwaver Deep Dive Sale

The Deep Dive sale is coming to an end! I know I’m sad about it too! Tomorrow night: Sunday March 22 at midnight will be your last chance to save up to 70% off

Just click here to go right to the sale page. All of the styling tools are certified open boxes! So what does that mean? When a Beachwaver iron is returned, we open each box and hand-inspect each tool. These irons may be cosmetically imperfect, but are certified good as new!

They are also having a sale on all of their Hair Care products. You can get their shampoo and conditioner for just $10 each. When you use my code: KendraWave at check out you will get them for $9 each!

With this time where we are practicing social distancing being able to shop online and saving money is a big life saver right now. I know many of you are either working from home, not working at all, are still have to out helping others. This sale is Beachwaver was to help out!

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My Dollar Tree Finds!!

My Dollar Tree Finds!!

With there being no school for possibly the rest of the school year (see all the parents looking stressed and crazy.) I know Connor is only 2 1/2 years old and just in pre-k 2 but he is learning sooo much. This is why we choose to send him to school so young. It was either day care where he would have been playing most of the day or school where he will be learning. I’m loving how much he loves his school. I’m blown away everyday when I see how much he is retaining.

So what does any of this have to do with my Dollar Tree fines? Well a lot! I went in yesterday to get a few bottles of Awesome (this stuff cleans everything.) So I went to find a few coloring books, crafts and other things for Connor to do the next few days and I was shocked by all of the learning things they had.

Learning workbooks in different grade levels: shapes, letters, colors, words, numbers. Flashcards for his age group:alphabet, color and shapes. I also seen a lot of other educational things there. If you are a teacher and you didn’t know about the educational things they are please go check it out! I seen lots of thing that would be great for classrooms

The craft selection was so nice too. Lots of color books and drawing paper. I even found Crayola Brand colors. The little green carrier is perfect for his colors and markets. Sidewalk chalk, bubbles, play dough, paints, aprons, stickers and other craft stuff!!

Best part is its all only $1 each!!! You can’t beat that!! We have already gotten in to the chalk and starter coloring. I can’t wait to work in the workbooks with him. He will have so much fun with that modeling clay I’m sure of it!! The fact that they have Disney theme things too are great because he knows who they are!! While I’m typing this he sees the picture and started to name the ones he knew which is all of them!!

If you get the chance to get out and need to pickup a few things for your little ones to do while out of school. Go by your local Dollar Tree and save on learning and fun crafts!

Making the best of this crazy Situation!

Making the best of this crazy Situation!

Just like everyone one else we are doing our best to keep our family, community, and county as safe as we can. We are trying to not overreact. But we are taking things very seriously. Cleaning around the house and washing our hands as much as we can!!

Raymond was home when this all first started. I learned after 13 years of being with him that he is a nut hahaha. Not really but when he heard that schools was going to close and that things were about to get a little crazy he went out and make sure we had food! He didn’t buy the store out of toilet paper, paper towels, or lysol but your girl got water and rice!! Connor and I are very well stocked up and taken care of! We are very lucky to have him!!

Now that he is on the boat it’s going to be even harder. I am going to do my best. As most of ya’ll know I don’t work on Fridays so today was my “first day of quarantine.” I’m used to it being just Connor and I on the weekends all day anyway so today was really just the same!! The next few weeks will be the test. I have to fine the best way to still work and make sure Connor is cared for. Why am I not staying home? We’ll I’m lucky enough to have a job that its only a few of us there, and we don’t have lots of people in there at a time. So I can still work. Plus I’ve been in the mechanic shop more learning new things. We have seen a slow down in work but our commercial cutters are still out working and using their equipment. More people are doing yard work right now so there is that. I am keeping busy there!

Keeping my family healthy is the most important thing! So that means making sure Connor isn’t somewheres with a lot of kids or people. When I do have to go to the store I try and have someone watch him or I do pick up as much as I can. I’m not the only one in the boat, the other mom that works in the office is dealing with the same things as me. So she and I will work together taking turns watching the kids and working. Half days are going to be our new normal for a while.

We pray that all of this will end soon so that we can get back to our normal day to days. I am already missing my church family. Connor is a lost without his school friends. With Easter coming soon we are missing out on our family time. So please try and do the best you can to help keep this from spreading even more.

A few things I have planned to do while we are on this stuck at home time!!

  • Work with Connor on his ABCs
  • Work on potty training
  • Art time
  • Find the best app to sale some things on – mostly clothes and shoes
  • Paint the office and guest room
  • Get the pool ready
  • Boat time – when Raymond is home
  • Repaint my mirror
  • Try to not shop and spend so much money (hahaha yeah right)
  • Finally do my 1000 follower giveaway on Instagram
  • Blog more